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I’ve always been a fried food fiend; French fries, onion rings, fried calamari, chicken wings, you name it. However, my love for fried food doesn’t mix well with my doctor’s orders so I was forced to look for an alternative to using oil to fry my food.
I found said replacement with something I doubted at first but grew to love with time: Air Fryers. Air fryers challenged pretty much everything I knew about frying foods and while those first days were confusing I soon learned the benefits of frying my food using hot air rather than copious amounts of oil.
Today, I want to share my love for air fryers so here’s my list of the best air fryers in the market right now

Top 4 Best Air Fryer - Review Guide in 2016

Product NameQualityPriceOur Rating
Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer200SSB-$
GoWISE USA GW22631 4thB+$$
Philips HD9220/26A-$$
Philips HD9230/26A+$$$
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  • Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer200SS
  • Rapid Air Circulation Technology
  • LED Display ad Touchsceen Control Panel
  • 30 minute timer
  • 200-400°F
  • Capacity is 3.2 lbs
  • Includes an air fryer recipe book
  • GoWISE USA GW22631 4th
  • Rapid Air Circulation Technology
  • Digital Touchscreen Interface
  • 30 minute timer
  • 175°F - 400°F
  • 5.8-quart capacity
  • Recipe book included
Best Choice
  • Philips HD9220/26
  • Rapid Air Technology
  • Digital Touchscreen Interface
  • 30 minute timer
  • up to 390°F
  • 1.8lb cooking basket capacity
  • Includes recipe book and free app
Best Rated
  • Philips HD9230/26
  • Rapid Air Technology
  • Touch Screen Technology
  • 60 minute timer
  • up to 390°F
  • 1.8lb cooking basket capacity
  • Includes recipe book and free app

Air Fryer Reviews

Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer200SS Airfryer

  • This is the first fryer I ever tried and I highly recommend it for those curious about air frying. It will fry and deep fry, giving everything a crispy finish, just like other frying methods.
  • It takes up very little space, which is a huge plus for all kitchen appliances, and it has a handle that makes it easy to transport around your kitchen. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe as it has a non-stick coating that just makes everything better.
Consider the Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer200SS Airfryer if you’re interested in trying air frying for the first time, as it’s easy to use, easy to store and very affordable or if you’re looking for a way to save time and money while frying foods in a healthier way.


If you’re looking for a more digitally advanced air fryer with pre-programmed options to make frying less of a guessing game then you should consider the GoWISE USA GW22631

GoWISE USA GW22631 4th Generation

  • The best thing about this fryer is its pre-programmed touch screen, which gives you 7 different built-in programs designed to help you cook chicken, steak, shrimp and more.
  • It comes with a high price but it’s well worth it, as the ability to use the pre-programmed settings or use the machine manually ensures you’re able to cook just about everything you feel like cooking.
  • It comes with a high price but it’s well worth it, as the ability to use the pre-programmed settings or use the machine manually ensures you’re able to cook just about everything you feel like cooking.
  • It’s a little larger than other fryers but that only means you have extra space for cooking!
GoWISE USA GW22631 Review

GoWISE USA GW22631 Review

Consider the GoWISE USA GW22631 4th Generation if you’re looking for an air fryer perfect for a couple interested in cooking delicious fried foods with little to no oil or if you’re looking for a fryer that can do certain cooking choices for you.

If you’re looking for a larger, more modern Airfryer that allows you to do more than just frying then you should try the Philips HD9220

Philips HD9220/26 Airfryer

  • As with other fryers, this is a wonderful appliance for those looking to fry food in a healthier way. Not only that but the Philips AirFryer also makes it possible to bake and roast your food, making it the most versatile fryer to this point.
  • This fryer works with all kinds of foods and even frozen foods and, just like the other fryers mentioned here, is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Perhaps the best thing about this air fryer is that you can download a mobile app that will give you tips on how to use it best as well as various delicious recipes.
  • This is a fast fryer so you want to pay attention to your food. Pre-packaged food instructions sometimes will tell you to let this fryer running for longer than it needs to so keep that in mind. The thing I like the most about this fryer is that it’s easy to operate and that it cooks food evenly, unlike other fryers I’ve tried before.
Philips HD9220 Review

Philips HD9220 Review

Consider the Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer if you’re looking for a large air fryer or a small convection oven for your kitchen and if you’re interested in improving your family’s diet without sacrificing delicious fried foods.

If you’re looking for an even more advanced version of this fryer then you should consider the Philips HD9230

Philips HD9230/26 Digital AirFryer

  • Don’t let the appearance fool you. While this air fryer is very similar to the previous one, it’s a newer model which means it has been improved. It’s a fast fryer, capable of cooking French fries thoroughly in about 8 minutes (at least in my experience) while still giving them a crunchy exterior that makes them look even better than oil fried chips.
  • As with its previous model, it’s easy to operate and clean, as some of its parts are dish washers safe and removable. Perhaps the only downside to this fryer is that it’s a big one, which means not all kitchens will be able to handle it comfortably.
  • This particular fryer comes with a 35 page cookbook which is great because you can start cooking delicious and healthy foods for you and your family right away.
Philips HD9230 Review

Philips HD9230 Review

Consider the Philips HD9230/26 Digital AirFryer if you’re looking for a large air fryer capable of frying, baking, roasting and grilling or if you’re a health conscious person looking to avoid unhealthy fried foods.

If you’re looking for a smaller, manual air fryer you should consider the Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer200SS Airfryer.

Air Fryer Infographic

Air Fryer Infographic

What Are Air Fryers?

Air fryers are a relatively new kitchen appliance that’s known for being a healthier alternative to traditional frying. This is achieved by reducing the amount of oil using when frying to the bare minimum and, in some cases, to no oil at all.
These appliances are also known for being safer, faster, more versatile and generally an all-around better option than traditional fryers which are large and can only be used to deep fry.
The reduced use of oil is also the biggest selling point for Air Fryers as today’s consumers are increasingly preoccupied with their health and the negative consequences of deep fried goodies.

How Do Air Fryers Work?

Philips AirFryer with Rapid Air Technology - Via

Philips AirFryer with Rapid Air Technology – Via

  • As the name indicates, air fryers use air to ‘fry’ your food, thanks to a little something called the Maillard effect which is a naturally occurring chemical reaction that happens with heat.
  • In fact, oil has very little to do with the crispy texture of fried food which is the consequence of the Maillard Effect. Oil itself is only used as a heat conductor which is why it’s still used, albeit in much smaller quantities, in air fryers.

But how, exactly, do air fryers work?

Air fryers work by circulating superheated air around your food with the help of a fan. This air is capable of penetrating every nook and cranny of your food, ensuring a perfect crisp every time and doing so in considerably less time.
To achieve this, air fryers are broken down in three main parts*:

  • The basket
  • The fryer
  • The container

* This is a rough breakdown. Depending on the brand, some air fryers will have more parts than others.

The Basket

  • The basket is where the food you’re going to fry goes. These tend to be relatively small which is why air fryers aren’t good for cooking for more than two people at the time.
  • While small, this is one of the most important parts of your air fryer as this is where most accessories and attachments go.
  • Amongst these accessories you can find:
    • Grills
    • Racks
    • Baking pans
    • Pizza pans

And many other things, which talks volumes not only about how important this piece is for the air fryers but also just how versatile these appliances can be.

The Container

  • This is a rather simple but still important part of air fryers, as the container acts as a waste collection basket.
  • While it’s a fact that air fryers use considerably less oil than regular fryers, they still use it and the container is part responsible of collecting all the oil that isn’t absorbed by the food alongside food bits and juices that might fall off during the cooking process.
  • The container is also the best example for why air fryers are so easy to clean as most of the waste gets trapped here and it’s as easy as to dump it and give the container a quick wash.
  • In fact, some air fryers have washing machine friendly parts which makes cleaning them even easier.

The Fryer

  • Of course, no explanation of the air fryer could be complete without the fryer itself so we saved the best for last.
  • The fryer part of an air fryer machine houses the fan and the heating components. Here, air is superheated and circulated around the entire machine allowing the entire frying process to take place.
  • Some air fryers will even have a second fryer at the bottom ensuring a faster and more efficient frying for all your food.
  • This is the heaviest and bulkiest part of the air fryer and the only part that can’t be submerged in water so cleaning it tends to be just a tad more complicated than the rest of the parts but still easily achievable with a moist cloth for the outside and a soft brush for the inside.

Now that we’ve covered how an air fryer works, it’s time to tell you why you should consider getting your own.

Why Should You Get Your Very Own Air Fryer?

Philips HD9230

Philips HD9230 – Via

  • The main reason you should consider buying a best air fryer, particularly if you’re a big fan of fried foods, is your health.
  • Deep frying, as well as any other kind of fryer, requires large quantities of oil. This oil is absorbed in the food you cook and can lead to complications such as heart attack, obesity, stroke, clogged arteries, high blood pressure and more.
  • By minimizing the amount of oil you use in your food you minimize your risk of those complications and the best way to reduce the amount of oil you use in your diet, other than cutting out fried foods altogether, is to use an air fryer.
  • The second main reason you should consider buying an air fryer is also the most fun, as air fryers can be used for more than frying, turning them into a powerful appliance that can be used to cook entire meals.
  • Remember the attachments and accessories we mentioned before? They exist because air fryers can be used for grilling, baking and roasting as well so they’re a solid investment even if you don’t fry food that often.
  • Better yet, there are thousands of sites out there full of delicious recipes for air fryers. Recipes for sweet and savory dishes as well as recipes for breakfast, dinner and even dessert.
  • Yes, it is true that air fryers can’t replicate the exact same taste that makes oil fryers so popular but when you can do so many different things and cook in a healthier, more efficient way… who cares?

Air Fryers – Are they Healthy or Not?

A quick Google search on the health benefits of frying foods using an air fryer rather than an oil fryer will throw back results such as “healthy”, “oil-less” or “guilt free” but do air fryers really deliver what their ads promise? Let us find out

The Oil in Oil-less

While many people have, no-doubt, used their air fryers without a drop of oil, a quick look through the recipe books and manuals that come with some air fryers shows you that oil is very much needed for optimal results. Sure, you won’t be submerging your food in frying oil but to say that all air fryers are oil-less is a bit of an exaggeration.
Oil less Air Fryer
That said, a sprinkle of oil is a huge improvement compared to using it by the bucketful so, at least in that aspect, the air fryers have your back.

Is it Guilt Free?

No food should ever be eaten with guilt. After all, food is not a matter of morals but rather personal taste. That said, some foods do pack more calories than other and fried foods are amongst the most calorie dense foods out there.

Because an air fryer uses considerably less oil than regular fryers you can argue that anything you cook in them will have less calories than your regular deep fried dish and while this is true. Sure, deep frying a double stuffed Oreo cookie with an air fryer might not be any better than doing it in a conventional fryer but, as far as calories go; you will at least be eating less of them.

  • Healthy or Healthier
  • So, are air fryers healthy?
  • Try healthier.

Frying is not a food, frying is a way to cook your food. If something isn’t healthy to begin with it won’t be made any healthier by cooking it with an air fryer but you will be greatly reducing some of the risks involved with cooking with oil.

Simply put, cooking with air fryers means you’ll be using less oil than you would use with a conventional fryer. Since fried foods have been linked to clog arteries, and it increased the risk of obesity, increased blood pressure and other negative outcomes, anything that uses less oil when cooking is generally considered the healthier alternative.
Healthy Eating Healthy Food Nutrition Organic Wellness Concept
Nothing you cook will be ‘healthy’ by virtue of being cooked with an air fryer but this kitchen appliance will give you a healthier –and often more economical– alternative to deep frying your food.
The reduced use of oil means not only that you’ll be eating less calories –which will help you control your weight– but also that there will be no need to reuse the oil (a popular practice with air fryers) which is great for your body because the more you reuse oil the worse it is for you. So there you have it. Air fryers might not be healthy on their own but they sure make much healthier food than conventional frying methods.

Air Fryers vs. Convection Ovens: Is There a Difference?

With so many people saying that they’re both the same it’s easy to get confused so we’re here to set the record straight. No, convection ovens and air fryers aren’t the same and this is why:

Convection Ovens

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven - Photo from

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven – Photo from

  • Convection ovens work by eliminating “hot and cool spots” when cooking food in an oven, which means the food will be cooked far more evenly than using a regular oven or a microwave.
  • Convection ovens, as most ovens do, work by warming up the top, bottom or sides of a space (the oven) which in turn raises the temperature and cooks the food inside them. The only difference here is that convection ovens circulate air gently to ensure more through cooking.

Air Fryers

  • Modern air fryers use something called “rapid air technology” which works by placing a rapid spinning fan on top of a heat source, which superheats the air used inside the air fryer.
  • This super-heated air goes around and through the food, which allows for through cooking even when the food is stacked. This goes on during a continue cycle, which fries the food and gives it the ‘browning’ result most people look when frying food.

More Differences!

  • Air Fryers are far smaller than convection ovens which mean they can handle less food but they’re cheaper and more practical to use.
  • Air Fryers operate with less oil and sometimes with no oil at all which makes them a healthier alternative that other types of ovens, including convection ones.
  • Air Fryers use high speed air, which means food is cooked faster and more thoroughly than in a convection oven.
  • Air Fryers can remove more moisture from your food, ensuring a crispier result than other fryers, including deep fryers and convection ovens.
  • Air Fryers are considerably easier to clean, as most of them have removable parts that can be safely placed in the dishwasher.
  • Air Fryers are a healthier alternative. Because they use less oil to produce better results, air fryers are a healthier alternative to convection ovens, deep fryers and regular ovens.

There are many similarities between convection ovens and air fryers but it would be unfair to treat them as the same thing. Air fryers are known for allowing people to cook using less oil or using no oil at all while also cooking all sorts of things in a record time.
Not only that but, unlike convection ovens, fryers are portable, easier to clean and generally more appealing.

Both appliances have their uses in the kitchen and they also have their limits. If you can, getting both is the perfect solution for all your kitchen needs but don’t think that convection ovens and air fryers are exchangeable. You’ll get bad results if you treat them as such.

Final thoughts

When I was first told that I needed to stop eating fried foods I thought that was it for me so you can imagine how happy I was when I discovered air fryers. Whether you’re living a similar situation as mine or you’re just the kind of health conscious individual that’s always looking for ways to improve their cooking then air frying is for you, as it allows you to enjoy delicious foods without sacrificing even the slightest bit of flavor.

The fryers I mentioned here are, in my opinion, the best in the market but if you’ve had good experiences with other fryers please let me know in the comments!


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