Make Smoothies, Soups, Frozen Cocktails with the Best Blender Under $100

best blender under 100

When I was in college, the blender was a fixture in every dorm room for making frozen cocktails (I was partial to frozen Margaritas). Now that I’m a mom, I’m constantly using a blender for making smoothies for my kids. Whatever stage of life you’re in, a blender is very useful kitchen tool. In addition to mixed drinks and smoothies, I also use my blender for pureed soups, or to … Read more

How to Choose the Ultimate Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Best grind and brew coffee maker

The morning hasn’t even gotten underway when that familiar thought crosses your mind. COFFEE… NOW! Allow a state-of-the art grind and brew coffeemaker to streamline your morning routine by cutting out the tedious steps of grinding beans and waiting for that first satisfying sip. Hand it over to a machine that will do it for you and you may find the perfect brew can be ready when you are. The … Read more

This Is The Right Way To Serve Your Sangria Keep Reading!

how to serve sangria

At times like this, I totally agree that some things in life are unforgettable, talk about the feeling of that chilled glass of sangria going from your throat into your stomach on a hot sunny day…mmm that is it. Ok, I guess you already know where I am going with this. Aside from the fact that most people cannot tell the difference between sangria and other lookalike drinks like chapman … Read more

The Best Thermos to Keep Your Coffee Warm All The Way To Work

Best Thermos For Coffee

Like many people, I’ve tried to save a little money by making coffee at home and bringing it to work, avoiding the stops along the way where I spent easily three times more than I do on home-brewed coffee. Especially since I rarely buy just a cup of coffee! My biggest struggle, however, is that I want my first cup in the morning to be hot; if my coffee is … Read more

How to Make an Oreo Milkshake in 5 Easy Steps

How to Make an Oreo Milkshake

My girls love to eat their Oreos twisted in half and this was my favorite until a decade ago, but I also realize that there are a couple of people that prefer it dunked in milk. My preferred method of having Oreos in recent years is what I consider the superior option, which is to have it as a wholesome milkshake. I guess not many people have given a thought … Read more