Thyme – The Aromatic Plant We All Love!

what does thyme taste like

Where will we be without aromatic herbs and spices to liven up our dishes and bring a welcome pleasantness to our kitchens? Of all the spices available, thyme has proven to be always intact, never fading, it isn’t called the evergreen plant for nothing. Thyme is no stranger to us, but not all of us know all the ways to make use of it. There are varieties of this herb … Read more

All Your Side Dishes For Tuna Steaks

What To Serve With Tuna Steaks

Patronizing tuna which is commonly sold in the form of steak is one of the most appropriate ways to replace your regular meat with something lower in calories and higher in vitamins and minerals if not every time then once in a while. Aside the “just substituting” side of it, tuna has the essential Omega 3 fatty acids that aid daily bodily growth. The fish falls under the Scombridae family, … Read more

Here Are Your best Ratatouille Accompaniment

what to serve with ratatouille

In present day of digitalization and technological advancement, it doesn’t take ages for dishes to gain popularity or fame. Nowadays, movies and musicals do the job conveniently, and a typical example of such food-fame is Ratatouille. I can categorically say a lot of people around the world got to know about the dish and appreciate the art of cooking more after watching the Disney movie. I mean, who wouldn’t love … Read more

Serve Potato Soup With Awesome Side Dishes

what to serve with potato soup

There are some dishes that we sometimes forget are in existence especially if they aren’t foods that are part of our routine, take potato soup for example. I know right, where has this long lost soup been? It has been around the corner waiting for me to introduce some of its sumptuous recipes to you and I am always going to do that, in fact, I am always happy to … Read more

Three Side Dishes That Are Amazing With Your Chicken Cordon Bleu

what to serve with chicken cordon bleu

Unlike many dishes that have their start dating back to the early “BC’s”, chicken cordon bleu is rather a more recent discovery which evolved out of many other creations involving the use of chicken, beef or veal with bread crumbs and dredging in eggs. The Term “Cordon Bleu” originally refers to the highest rank awarded to knights in the reign of king Henry 111 in France, but it holds no … Read more

All You Should Know About Tripe

what does tripe taste like

I think it is safe to say that tripe isn’t a very patronized type of meat. Firstly, because we tend to have little knowledge of what it is used for, and secondly, the thought of eating Intestines! Yuck, then lastly, it just looks and feels like twined rubbery punishment. If you have that impression, you are totally in line but then do you know that animal offals are lower in … Read more

Your Truffles Mystery Solved!

what do truffles taste like

So you go through the papers one beautiful morning and find out that a piece of black irregular shaped food like stuff is being auctioned for $20,000, if you are someone like me then the first reaction is “what the…” That is what truffles can cause. When talking about fine dining and exquisite indulgence you can’t but mention truffles. I can hear someone “never heard of it”. Don’t bother; we … Read more

Do This With Your Swedish Meatballs right Now!

what to serve with swedish meatballs

Meatballs need no prior introduction, they are part and parcel of the very typical dishes we patronise every day either at home or at restaurants but what makes this repast unique is that there are a variety of ways they can be prepared which could very different from each other also. We have meatballs from almost every country you can think of, but as it is with most dishes, some … Read more