Is your Kimchi, awkward or amazing?

what does kimchi taste like

Anybody cares for some Korean specialties? As an avid adventurer and one who likes to take on new challenges, trying out dishes form different places in the world is always a welcome idea, no matter how wired or scary and today, Asia is the place of focus. You can’t mention three things about Korea without mentioning kimchi and for some reasons probably related to health kimchi has become a personal … Read more

You Should Know This about Capers!

what do capers taste like

Except you are a food specialist who spends most of his or her time discovering new fruits and ingredients out there, there will always be some names we hear and get confused. This could be either because we have never heard of them but suddenly learned that they are “perfect for the body” or because we know them but find the means to use them so enervating. Capers are definitely … Read more

Want to know what spaghetti squash tastes like? READ ON

what does spaghetti squash taste like

It’s time for some spaghetti that isn’t pasta! Are you a fan of pasta, spaghetti to be precise, guess what? You can cut down on the starchy stuff with some spaghetti squash, it tastes so good, and it looks just like your regular pasta spaghetti, so it’s a win-win. I have always been amazed at how this turns out to be spaghetti-like after cooking, with the strands, looks and all, … Read more

You can’t forget the taste of these sides with your chicken wings

what to serve with chicken wings

Watching the cool evening sky set with a drink at hand and a bowl of crisp Buffalo wings, what can I say? Life is good! I am an unrepentant lover of chicken wings; I have made it so much that I can give you a recipe right in my sleep, that is how much I like them. You can do practically whatever you like with your chicken wings, I mean, … Read more

Learn To Use Your Rhubarb Perfectly!

what does rhubarb taste like

Are you a big lover of fruits and vegetables like celery and strawberries? If yes then you will definitely find this vegetable-fruit called rhubarb fascinating. That is the best way to describe rhubarb. The thought that some countries classify it as a vegetable and others as a fruit is more than enough to make you want to find out more about it. Although a hand full of people understand the … Read more

Find Out How To Eat Your Duck And Have It

what does duck taste like

Let’s let chicken and beef rest a little shall we? There are substitutes to them like duck meat that can make do for any kind of recipe you have in mind. Duck is tasty and it can be used in so many different ways, it is also nutrients filled and makes one of the best confit you can get make but there are some contentions about the amount of cholesterol … Read more

Try these side pairs with your Beef Stroganoff today

what to serve with beef stroganoff

Here is for the meat lovers or the not so convinced to stay off meat people. You can prepare some beef stroganoff! For those who aren’t fully acquainted, let me enlighten you a little before we delve into this comfort food’s recipes. Beef Stroganoff is a dish made of meat pieces which have been sautéed to perfect tenderness and served with cream, onions mixed with some other ingredients. There is … Read more

What Goes Best With Cabbage Rolls? Here They Are!

what to serve with cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls are one of the healthiest rolls you can prepare, and they are made differently around the world. They are made from cabbage leaves wrapped around fillings such as fish, beef, and pork. Usually, the rolled cabbages are baked although you can choose to employ other means of cooking. One of the desirable things about cabbage rolls is the fact that the content of the filling is entirely up … Read more