Serve Potato Soup With Awesome Side Dishes

what to serve with potato soup

There are some dishes that we sometimes forget are in existence especially if they aren’t foods that are part of our routine, take potato soup for example. I know right, where has this long lost soup been? It has been around the corner waiting for me to introduce some of its sumptuous recipes to you … Read more

Three Side Dishes That Are Amazing With Your Chicken Cordon Bleu

what to serve with chicken cordon bleu

Unlike many dishes that have their start dating back to the early “BC’s”, chicken cordon bleu is rather a more recent discovery which evolved out of many other creations involving the use of chicken, beef or veal with bread crumbs and dredging in eggs. The Term “Cordon Bleu” originally refers to the highest rank awarded … Read more

Your Truffles Mystery Solved!

what do truffles taste like

So you go through the papers one beautiful morning and find out that a piece of black irregular shaped food like stuff is being auctioned for $20,000, if you are someone like me then the first reaction is “what the…” That is what truffles can cause. When talking about fine dining and exquisite indulgence you … Read more

What Goes Best With Cabbage Rolls? Here They Are!

what to serve with cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls are one of the healthiest rolls you can prepare, and they are made differently around the world. They are made from cabbage leaves wrapped around fillings such as fish, beef, and pork. Usually, the rolled cabbages are baked although you can choose to employ other means of cooking. One of the desirable things … Read more