Serve Your Risotto With These fabulous Sides!

what to serve with risotto

Let me guess, when you hear the word risotto, your mind instinctively flashes across one “chefs only” delicate rice dish that takes a whole lot of attention and practice? Permit me to say that you are very correct! Making risotto itself is no easy ball game, but for all the grainy pleasures you get when … Read more

Your Grilled Salmon Pairs Best with These Sides!

what to serve with grilled salmon

When talking about healthy fish species you can’t rule out salmon, whichever way you put it, salmon is favoured among other fishes. You actually can’t get a convincing answer to the reason this happens until you taste an amazingly prepared salmon. So now the next question is: what ways can you cook salmon? Within the … Read more

All the Awesome Recipes and Sides for Your Egg Plant Parmesan!

what to serve with eggplant parmesan

About Italian cuisines, honestly speaking, there are so many of them, and they all taste amazing with their very elegant and attractive names, for example, try pronouncing “Parmigiana di melanzane” out loud! Sounds quintessential? I thought so too. This translates to “Eggplant parmesan” which is our dish pick for today. There are so many healthy … Read more

Over 1000+ Air Fryer Recipes & Cookbook

No one can deny fried food is delicious. French fries, chicken nuggets, corndogs, onion rings, fried shrimp… Just reading the name of some fried foods can be mouthwatering. However, we all know fried food isn’t healthy for us and that’s another reality that can’t be denied. The oil used to fry food might not be … Read more

Sweet Tasting Cottage Cheese This Is What You Should Know

what does cottage cheese taste like

It shouldn’t be every time we run to the parmesan or the mozzarella cheese; there are times we go back to the basics before all the modifications and new discoveries began, what basics? Cottage cheese, ‘Oh wow, really? ’ There is a kind of professionalism that comes with knowing the way different dishes taste, both … Read more

How to make a healthy, delicious smoothie in minutes

how to make a smoothie

Smoothies are a great addition to any diet, whether for meal replacement, post-workout replenishment, or a snack between meals. They are packed with fruit, vegetables, and other nutrients and can be made in less than five minutes with minimal equipment. Once you learn the basics, the combinations and possibilities are limited only by your imagination. … Read more

How to Make Chicken Wraps in 35 Minutes

I learned how to make chicken wraps in 35 minutes 10 years ago and after a decade of doing this, I have realized that each time I decide to prepare this delicacy, it is always a refreshing experience. I have learned to make cucumber chicken wraps, grilled chicken Caesar salad wrap, and the chicken lettuce … Read more