Here are the Best Tomatoes for Salsa That You Are Looking For!

Planning to whip up a homemade salsa? Well, we will let you in on a little secret—the key to achieving an authentic tasting salsa is using the right kind of tomato.   Over the years, there has already been plenty of debate when it comes to what are the best tomatoes for salsa. Some claim that it should be juicy while others think it should have a paste-like texture. In this … Read more

What is Beef Consommé, Is it really worth it? Find out

Cooks and food lovers all over the world would jump at having an easy way out by using the specific sauce, measurement, broth ingredient or stock that will give them the best cooking results such as in a beef consommé recipe, without experimenting first.But that is rarely the case. Most times, it boils down to using your discretion or initiative even when you are given a detailed recipe, which is … Read more

How to Tell if Chicken is Done (You SHOULD Read This Before Cooking Chicken Again!)

The cooking art can be quite tricky for both the uninitiated and even the seasoned ones. Even the simplest things can sometimes be quite confusing. And while you have the flexibility of experimenting in the kitchen, in some aspects, cooking should actually be an exact science. One of the exact things that you should know is how to tell if the chicken is done. Why? Because not only does chicken taste good when … Read more

What Does Buttermilk Taste Like? (The Taste Tests and Awesome Recipes)

What Does Buttermilk Taste Like

Seriously, what does buttermilk taste like? Even when you put in butter + milk together in one perfect solution, I’m sure you get mixed reactions and you get any of these statements:“Buttermilk does not taste like milk at all”“I don’t taste the ‘butter’ in buttermilk”​“Why is it called ‘buttermilk’ when I can’t taste milk and butter?”“Isn’t the word ‘buttermilk’ misleading?”The common reaction you get when you ask, “What does buttermilk taste … Read more

The Best Way to Reheat Leftovers: A Step-by-Step Guide for All Your Favorite Foods

Leftovers are inevitable – when you cook extra to have meals on hand, when your restaurant dish is huge, when you throw a party, or when relatives send you home with some after a holiday. They can be convenient, and of course, save you time and money, but unfortunately they’re not always delicious when reheated. Luckily, with the proper methods for each type of food, you can maximize taste and … Read more

How to Store Green Onions and Prevent It from Wilting

Green onions, more commonly known as scallions, are a versatile ingredient. I first tasted this ingredient when I visited Asian countries. This is the reason behind the unique taste of Korean and Chinese cuisines.   Whenever I am craving for these cuisines, I make sure to include this ingredient in my recipes. And since I love Asian cuisines, I always have a stock of scallions at home. I love how green … Read more

The Right Methods on How to Cook Rockfish

When I first heard about rockfish, I immediately thought of a fish with a shell-like skin. That’s weird, right? Well, it looks better (and less weird) than I imagined it to be. But more than that, it tastes incredible—more than I ever thought it would be. I fell in love with rockfish the first time I tasted it. It is firmer and leaner as compared to most of the fishes that … Read more

Can you eat Fondant ? What It Is and What Is Not

If you are into baking and frequent into baking sites or forums, you will probably bump into a discussion if a fondant can be eaten. There seems to be an aversion about eating fondant.So, can you eat fondant? We will find this out together in this article. Table of contents What is a fondant?Using a fondantWhere can you get a fondant?Can fondant be eaten? What is a fondant?Before we can … Read more