Le Creuset vs Staub? The Great Dutch Oven Debate

Le Creuset vs Staub

It’s the sort of debate that will never be definitively resolved: Le Creuset vs. Staub. A trip down the cooking forum rabbit hole will show some fierce advocates for both of these high-end cookware manufacturers. I love my Le Creuset soup pot, but have often admired the look and features of Staub’s products as well. So is one really better than the other? Ultimately, I think probably not—both are of … Read more

Ever Wondered What To Serve With Jambalaya? Look No Further

Here we are again, lovers of food and cooks! Have you ever been at cross roads on what will go best with some delicate dishes? Well, you are not alone on that, dishes such as Jambalaya which does just fine with or without side dishes can sometimes give you stress when you are trying to get a perfect or unique dish to go with it. Sit back and relax while … Read more

Getting a fried taste without all the calories

Sometimes, you need comfort food. In my house, some days, the kids (and I) want mozzarella sticks, and nothing else will do. For other families, chicken tenders and French fries are go to dinners that get the family fed on busy nights. When you serve them with fresh fruit or a green salad, they even end up being fairly healthy. But fried foods, ultimately, are not the healthiest foods. When … Read more

Cool Deals and Kitchen Appliance Buying Guide You Need to Know

Kitchen is my favorite part of the house as cooking is my hobby. For this reason, I dedicate a significant amount of time looking for the best deals kitchen tools. I must admit, it’s not an easy task. But, I realize how important it is to select the best appliances out there. I know it’s the best time for shopping with Christmas and New year just around the corner. So … Read more

Find out What to Serve with Meatloaf, it’s Worth It!

Meatloaf, meatloaf, meatloaf! Don’t you just love the taste of that meaty spicy treat any day? Meatloaf is accepted in almost if not every household and it is always pleasant when served, the issue most people encounter is coming up with creative ways to serve meatloaf in order not to have that ordinary boring look and that is what we have come to talk about today, we are going to … Read more

Best Oil for Frying Fish – Should you Put Down the Olive Oil ?

Best Oil for Frying Fish

My extra virgin olive oil is the most frequently reached for bottle in my cupboard. But while the virtues of olive oil are many, there are some situations for which it’s not the best choice. If you’re getting ready to fry up some delicate, flaky, tender-on-the-inside and hot, crisp-battered-on-the-outside fish, put the olive oil down! So what is the best oil for frying fish? You’ll need to decide how you … Read more

Homemade Food For Cat: Easy and Economical Recipes Your Cat Will Love

Homemade Food For Cat

Cooking for your pets may not always come to mind when you can easily buy pet food from the store. But if you want to impress your cat as much as your guests, slash your grocery budget and save from commercial pet food, then making homemade food for cat will prove to be worthwhile. Cats don’t have a very different diet from humans. They eat meat and fish. They even … Read more

Thinking of what to serve with tacos? Read on!

There is something about a good taco, a magical quality if you will, that brings people together to connect over a great meal. Regardless of where you grew up or the makeup of your ethnic background, there is a high likelihood that you have heard of or dined on tacos at one point in your life. And just as you would expect, this well rounded and beloved favorite can come … Read more