Reviews of the Best Electric Wok for Everyday Cooking

Best Electric Wok

The wok is probably one of the most used cooking vessels in Asia. Whether cooking stir-fry vegetables, deep frying, stewing, steaming or boiling, Asians, particularly the Chinese, find a wok to be an indispensable cooking device. Woks are often circular with either flat or round bottom. It also comes with a long or two short wooden handles on both sides. Long spatulas are also used to mix and stir ingredients …

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The Best Cast Iron Wok — and It Won’t Break the Bank!

Best Cast Iron Wok

A good wok is a very handy kitchen tool, with uses far beyond Asian cuisine. Many woks are made with lighter carbon steel, but cast iron has definite advantages and uses for wok cooking.In this article I will discuss the merits of using cast iron wok, what to note when caring for one, and what to look for when shopping. Then I’ll look at some of the best cast iron …

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Poaching Eggs Made Easy with The Best Microwave Egg Poachers

Rich in proteins and nutrients, eggs have become the go-to meal for bodybuilders and people who wish to live a healthier life like me. However, eggs can also become a reason for high cholesterol, especially when cooked the wrong way. To avoid this, I chose to cook my eggs the healthy way—poach them. Sadly though, poaching eggs is easier said than done. It is not easy to prepare poached eggs, …

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Use the Best Popover Pan for Popovers That are Out of This World

Do you adore cream puffs? If you do, I am pretty sure that you would love popovers too. I have already visited different countries and tasted various pastries, but I would always crave for popovers. Its lightness and puffiness are just two things I cannot resist! I always crave for popovers, and that is why I decided to create some at home. Unfortunately, I am a cheapskate, so I used …

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Le Creuset vs Staub? The Great Dutch Oven Debate

Le Creuset vs Staub

It’s the sort of debate that will never be definitively resolved: Le Creuset vs. Staub. A trip down the cooking forum rabbit hole will show some fierce advocates for both of these high-end cookware manufacturers. I love my Le Creuset soup pot, but have often admired the look and features of Staub’s products as well. So is one really better than the other? Ultimately, I think probably not—both are of …

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Get Performance and Beauty with Copper Cookware

best copper cookware

Is your Pinterest “kitchen” board full of images of copper pots floating elegantly over marble-topped islands, like mine is? What is it about copper cookware that is just so alluring? And why is it the top choice of so many professional chefs? In this article, I’ll discuss some of the specifics of cooking with copper, and I’ll compare some of the options of copper cookware that’s easily available to purchase. …

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