Reviews of the Best Electric Wok for Everyday Cooking

Best Electric Wok

The wok is probably one of the most used cooking vessels in Asia. Whether cooking stir-fry vegetables, deep frying, stewing, steaming or boiling, Asians, particularly the Chinese, find a wok to be an indispensable cooking device. Woks are often circular with either flat or round bottom. It also comes with a long or two short wooden … Read more

Authentic Stir-fries and More with a Carbon Steel Wok

best carbon steel wok

When I was growing up, my mom frequently made stir-fry dishes—quick, nutritious, one-pot meals. A big wok was a fixture in our kitchen. It was a simple, carbon steel wok they’d bought in New York City’s Chinatown. The wok is a great, versatile cooking tool, useful in any kitchen, even if you don’t make tons … Read more