Giving Experiences Instead of Things this Holiday Season

Another December, another season of racking your brain for budget-friendly but thoughtful gifts to give the people you love. It gets pretty exhausting to have to think of new ways to show your appreciation for things every year, doesn’t it? You may have already come to a point where you feel like you have given them every kind of gift and have no more to show.

But have you ever thought about giving something thatisn’ta physical item? This could be the year to give your friends and family an unforgettable experience instead.

If you have never considered it before, it can be a little intimidating. But trust us. A lovely experience can mean so much more than more stuff to keep at home.

Encourage Bonding with Experiences at Home

One misconception people have about experiences is that they always require you to leave the house. In reality, there are so many experiences you can have from the safety of your home. These are some great gift ideas for you. Don’t know what to give mom or dad this year? How about giving them a full course meal right in the comfort of your home? Along with it, make sure to keep yourHeritage Hickory wood floors squeaky clean and arrange your dining room to mimic a fine dining feel.

Make the celebration even more luxurious by arranging your dinner table the formal way and dressing up for the occasion. Send invitations ahead, too. Remember that you are gifting anexperience, so go the extra mile and make your parents and guardians feel loved with this grand gesture.

Something that has become a popular bonding option for friends since the pandemic occurred is meeting up virtually through Zoom or other video conferencing platforms. For friends in different parts of the world, make your virtual meetups more fun for the holidays by treating your group to a virtual escape room session.

United States-based The Escape Game has in-person and remote escape room experiences that your friends and family can enjoy. They have different categories forvirtual escape rooms, too. You and your friends can choose from a game show-type meeting or variations of their online escape room experiences.

This is not exactly an experience, as giving a board game still means you give them a physical gift. However, it gives way for plenty of memorable experiences for the person you are giving it to.

Ask these questions first: are they the type of person who enjoys high-commitment games that require a lot of strategizing? Maybe they are the kind who would rather play a casual card game that takes a much shorter time to finish?

If theyenjoy tabletop games,IGNrecommendsGloomhavenfor adventure fans andTicket to RideandWingspanfor strategy fans.A Dungeons& Dragons starter set is also a good idea for your friends who are new to the classic game. For a more casual playing experience, games such as Taboo and Cards Against Humanity could be easier for your friends to get into.

Make Memories with Experiences Outdoors

Still, do not rule out the possibility of letting them experience things outside of their homes. Many of your friends and family may already be aching to go out and experience the world again after being holed up at home because of the pandemic.

One surefire way to gift a great experience is to purchase vouchers for your loved ones for tours and other events out of town.You may have heard your friend saying they want to visit the beach soon. Why not treat them with vouchers to a hotel in their favorite beach area? Do they want to go camping? Buy them passes to a popular campsite.

There are plenty of ways to give fun outdoor experiences to your friends, so consider their interests and treat them to a fun time.

If you give a gift to someone who has kids or is interested in educational experiences, tickets to the zoo or museum are a great idea. This encourages them to learn more about art, history, and science. Not to mention that it is an overall enjoyable experience when done with family.

Remember this: the key to giving your loved ones a great experience as a gift is to consider their preferences first.