Best Picks For Chicken Salad You Can’t Go Wrong With

what to serve with chicken salad

Chicken salad basically consists of salad which has chicken in it; this means that you have a wide array of salads to choose from when making a chicken salad, yay! Although this is good news don’t forget that you also have to consider palatability because believe it or not, some salads might not just taste … Read more

For Your Chicken And Dumplings, Here is What Goes!

what to serve with chicken and dumplings

When talking about comfort food, chicken and dumplings top the list of what you should expect. The dish which typically consists of chicken which has been boiled from wholeness and cut down into parts with spices and vegetables such as celery and onions is then severed of all bones before it’s broth is used to … Read more

Don’t Miss Out on Escargots Any More

what does escargot taste like

In some countries around the world, snails are avoided or are seen as animals which cannot be eaten, when they think of snails, they think of them more as pets or just creatures that move around but never as food! This belief is rather alien to the Catalans for example who feast on snails as … Read more

Get limitless with your tasty salmon patties

what to serve with salmon patties

If you haven’t been eating salmon patties, then permit me to say that you have been missing out on a whole lot of awesomeness. The intriguing thing about it is that it is relatively fish filling which is healthier than many other types of patties. There are different ways you can make them, and there … Read more

How To Make Your Tasty Scampi Sides

what to serve with shrimp scampi

I know the heading of this article will get our Briton readers excited-scampi, that tasty thing that is so unique! Well, I totally share in your joy but let’s carry others along shall we. It will surprise you to know that one of the most searched questions on Google is “what is scampi?” Scampi is … Read more

What’s Best With Your Red Beans and Rice? Read On!

what to serve with red beans and rice

Have you been thinking of changing your food timetable? You should give me a huge thank you because I am about to help you with some amazing recipes for red beans and rice, we talking real traditional New Orlands food here so you should understand why the thanks are necessary. First of all, I know … Read more