What Are Chimichangas and Why Are They So Well Loved?

I had my first chimichanga when I was in college; my best friend was a California transplant who had picked up a bunch of Mexican cooking from friends and family. He assembled simple ingredients, and on a miserable New England winter day, presented me with deep-fried burrito perfection. Chimichangas rapidly became my favorite Mexican food, and I have never looked back. What is a chimichanga? At the essence, a chimichanga …

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All You Should Know About Tripe

what does tripe taste like

I think it is safe to say that tripe isn’t a very patronized type of meat. Firstly, because we tend to have little knowledge of what it is used for, and secondly, the thought of eating Intestines! Yuck, then lastly, it just looks and feels like twined rubbery punishment. If you have that impression, you are totally in line but then do you know that animal offals are lower in …

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