Best NuWave Recipes and Cookbooks to Fill Your Table

Preparing healthy, home-cooked food for my family is important to me, and I’m always looking for new ways to make this task a bit easier. So I’m very intrigued by the NuWave oven. This countertop appliance uses three cooking methods—conduction, convection, and infrared heating—to cook food faster, healthier, and with less energy than a conventional oven. That sounds like the holy grail of cooking appliances to me! I’m curious about …

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What is the Best Refried Beans Brand?

best canned refried beans

In my house, canned beans are just a given. Yes, almost all bean products can be created at home from dry beans, but unless you have all day to sit by a pressure cooker, it’s just not practical. Finding the best canned refried beans was crucial for my family; this versatile vegetable can be the centerpiece of a meal with taco or burrito night, or be added to other dishes, …

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Is there a Best Canned Enchilada Sauce Option? Let’s Find Out!

The other day, I made black bean sweet potato enchiladas. They were on my weekly meal plan, so I had all the ingredients except for one key piece: the enchilada sauce. I threw something together from canned tomatoes and spices and though the end result was tasty, well, it was just not quite a true enchilada. The sauce is really key. Although I like the idea of making my own enchilada …

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Best Air Fryer 2021 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

what is the best air fryer

Some foods are just better when they’re fried, but adding oil to food can be unhealthy, and make a huge mess in the kitchen. This is where air fryers come in; by giving you a healthier way to fry food with out all the extra calories while also performing a huge number of kitchen function, air fryers expand your convenience cooking options.Today, I want to share my love for air …

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Make True Barbecue with the Best Smoker Recipes and Cookbooks

Best Smoker Cookbooks Recipes

A farm near my childhood home in the country had a smoke house—a dedicated shack for making their own smoked meats. The little chimney puffed out curls of smoke while cuts of beef, deer, and pork slowly cooked away. Smokey, tender brisket. Fall-of-the-bone ribs. Pork so tender you can pull it apart effortlessly. Just some of the possibilities when smoking your own food. Smoking, or true barbecue, (not to be …

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The 5 Best Apron for Your Cooking Needs

best apron

Are you looking for the best apron you can use for daily cooking? You have a lot of choices! Below is a comprehensive buying guide and review of the best bibs, but you can always click on the product links above to read more reviews on Amazon. There are a whole lot of things that happen in the kitchen while you prepare and cook food. From peeling vegetables, cutting up …

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What to Give a Friend Who’s a Newbie in Outdoor Activities

If you’re a nature-lover who once had no idea what outdoor activities were like, your friend who’s only starting out with the wild outdoorsy life is probably just as clueless as you were back then. After all, researching can only get you so far, as experience is always the best teacher in outdoor activities. Before their first excursion in nature, help them gear up by giving them the essential and …

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