Find Beauty and Function with the Best Kitchen Towels

best kitchen towels

A well-appointed kitchen, whether a restaurant or home kitchen, is only as good as its humblest tools. In fact, I think you’re better off investing in the simple items before moving on to fancier gadgets. And by invest, I don’t just mean “spend a lot of money;” sometimes investing is about taking the time to choose mindfully. So let’s take a look at kitchen towels. Kitchen towels?! Yes! Many of …

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Discover the Best Pot Holders of 2018 -2019 Here!

No matter how great  a cook you are, you’re still at risk of scalding and burns every time you cook. Lucky for you, pot holders are here to your rescue. Before, I chose a pot holder based on its design—that’s all! As long as it suits my kitchen décor, I buy it. Sadly though, my poor buying decision has led to plenty of burning incidents which I could have prevented …

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