Here’s the Best Kitchen Timer for Your Needs!

Are you tired of burning the dishes that you are cooking? Do you want to ensure that your baked goodies are prepared at a precise time? If so, the kitchen equipment that you need is a kitchen timer. But what makes up a good kitchen timer? Or better yet, what is the best kitchen timer? This article will help you find out! 5 Best Kitchen Timer Reviews You Need to … Read more

Best Air Fryer 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

what is the best air fryer

Some foods are just better when they’re fried, but adding oil to food can be unhealthy, and make a huge mess in the kitchen. This is where air fryers come in; by giving you a healthier way to fry food while also performing a huge number of kitchen function, air fryers expand your convenience cooking options.Today, I want to share my love for air fryers so here’s my list of … Read more

No More Mystery Meat: Find the Best Meat Grinder on the Market

The other night I made my first meat pie. I even made the crust myself. It was delicious!But, although the recipe had called for ground chuck meat, I used pre-packaged ground beef from the grocery store, and I have no idea what cuts of beef went into it. Wouldn’t it be nice to grind up my own beef and know exactly what’s in there?So now I’m looking into meat grinders: … Read more

Make Your New Favorite Cool Treat at Home with a Shaved Ice Machine

Best Shaved Ice Machine

In the hot months, there’s nothing like a sweet frozen treat to cool you down. Ice cream, popsicles, snow cones, Italian ices… these are some of the favorites. But have you ever heard of shave ice? I tried one this summer and I am hooked! This delicious frozen treat is common in Hawaii, and is therefore sometimes called a Hawaiian shave ice (note, they drop the “d”). But you don’t … Read more

The Best Mini Food Processor for Your Money

Best Mini Food Processor

If there’s one kitchen appliance that’s a real kitchen workhorse, that would be the food processor. This device does a wide array of jobs that would have been time-consuming to do by hand: blending, mixing, pulsing, pureeing, chopping and shredding various ingredients. From making mayonnaise and baby food; mincing fruits, chopping nuts to emulsifying wet ingredients, it’s easy to see why the best food processor deserves its place on any … Read more

Find the Best Masticating Juicer for Homemade Cold Pressed Juices

Best Masticating Juicer

I love fresh juice, but my clunky juicing machine spends more time in my basement than in use. But I’ve recently heard about masticating juicers, and I’m interested to learn more about how these may be a better option for anyone who loves fresh juice. In this article, I’ll explain the mechanics and benefits of masticating juicers and take a look at some of the most popular options you can … Read more

Choosing a great water filtration pitcher is about more than just good tasting water

Best Water Filter Pitcher

Whether you’re filtering out an unpleasant taste or are concerned about chemicals in your water, more and more people are choosing to filter tap water in their home. Overall, filtering tap water is less expensive than buying bottled water, and generates less plastic waste. Not sure which filtration system will be best for you? We’re here to help! Below, you’ll find my reviews of my very favorite water filtration pitchers; … Read more

A Complete Guide to Rice Cookers and Accessories

Best Rice Cooker

The simpler the ingredients, the more important the technique. This culinary adage is certainly true for rice, where getting the right amount of water, heat, and time makes the difference between crunchy rice that’s burned on the bottom, mushy and unpalatable overdone rice, and perfectly cooked, tender, plump rice. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a good rice cooker, which allows you to simply add rice, … Read more