Espresso at Home: The Best Espresso Machines Under $200

best espresso machine under 200

The aroma, the deep and oily dark liquid, the frothy crema on the top. A good cup of espresso is one of my favourite treats. If you’re serious about your espresso, it might be easier on your wallet in the long run to invest in your own espresso machine. Espresso machines can run into the thousands of dollars, but if you’re not able to make that kind of investment, there …

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All the Benefits of Induction in a Portable Package

Best Portable Induction Cooktop

Sometimes when cooking a large meal, I max out my stovetop’s 4 burners and could really use an extra heat source. Other days, I’m lamenting the poor functionality of the electric coils on my rental home’s old electric stove. So it might be useful for me to invest in a portable induction cooktop. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the features you should consider when shopping around, and take …

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Best Dishwasher – Top 5+ Recommended

As a kid, I remember that our dishwasher was frequently out of order. My parents never seemed to be too bothered, but I grumbled while hand washing dishes as the dishwasher sat empty and useless in its spot. I suppose it was the cost of replacement that stopped my parents from remedying that situation. Luckily today, though, the price of this major kitchen appliance has come down considerably, and you …

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Finding The Best Food Dehydrator For My Busy Family

Best Food Dehydrator

Jerky, dried fruit, and vegetable chips are all delicious, shelf stable snacks that can be used to feed a family during a road trip. They can also make great, healthy snacks at home, at work, or at school. Using a food dehydrator is easier and gets better results than putting foods into the oven to dehydrate. Finding the best food dehydrator requires a bit of know-how. To choose the right …

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A Complete Guide to Rice Cookers and Accessories

Best Rice Cooker

The simpler the ingredients, the more important the technique. This culinary adage is certainly true for rice, where getting the right amount of water, heat, and time makes the difference between crunchy rice that’s burned on the bottom, mushy and unpalatable overdone rice, and perfectly cooked, tender, plump rice. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a good rice cooker, which allows you to simply add rice, …

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Choosing a great water filtration pitcher is about more than just good tasting water

Best Water Filter Pitcher

Whether you’re filtering out an unpleasant taste or are concerned about chemicals in your water, more and more people are choosing to filter tap water in their home. Overall, filtering tap water is less expensive than buying bottled water, and generates less plastic waste. Not sure which filtration system will be best for you? We’re here to help! Below, you’ll find my reviews of my very favorite water filtration pitchers; …

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The Best Mini Food Processor for Your Money

Best Mini Food Processor

If there’s one kitchen appliance that’s a real kitchen workhorse, that would be the food processor. This device does a wide array of jobs that would have been time-consuming to do by hand: blending, mixing, pulsing, pureeing, chopping and shredding various ingredients. From making mayonnaise and baby food; mincing fruits, chopping nuts to emulsifying wet ingredients, it’s easy to see why the best food processor deserves its place on any …

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Make Your New Favorite Cool Treat at Home with a Shaved Ice Machine

Best Shaved Ice Machine

In the hot months, there’s nothing like a sweet frozen treat to cool you down. Ice cream, popsicles, snow cones, Italian ices… these are some of the favorites. But have you ever heard of shave ice? I tried one this summer and I am hooked! This delicious frozen treat is common in Hawaii, and is therefore sometimes called a Hawaiian shave ice (note, they drop the “d”). But you don’t …

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