Find Out the Best Substitute for Lemon Juice Here

Does your recipe call for lemon but you are either allergic to it, or you have run out of it (or both)? If so, do not be disheartened. I have been in this situation, and for the first few times, I did not know what to do so I just postponed on whipping up the recipe until the next day. But after a couple of times that this has happened … Read more

The Best Substitutions for Powdered Milk Finally Revealed

Because of its long shelf life and ease of storage, powdered milk has become the go-to alternative for regular milk and has become the most common ingredient in a lot of recipes. This is the very reason why a lot of household stock up on powdered milk. But of course, times, when you run out of powdered milk in your pantry, are inevitable. At one point or another, you will … Read more

The Best Substitute for Coconut Milk (and Other Things You Need to Know!)

Substitute for Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a must-have ingredient in most Southeast Asian dishes and a popular base in international cuisines. This is because of its ability to lend a creamy texture and milky flavor to different recipes. However, there are some people who are allergic to coconut milk. As a result, they would have to forego the addition of coconut milk to their meals Lucky for them, you can find the best … Read more

How Much Juice is in One Lemon?

how much juice in one lemon

I can never live without lemons. In the morning, I juice one melon. In the evening, I mix lemon juice in my salad oils. Throughout the day, I use it to prepare different dishes like baked chicken and fishes. But the tricky part about the recipes that I use is they tell me how many cups or ml of lemon juice the dish needs. That is great. The frustrating part … Read more

What Does Buttermilk Taste Like? (Taste Tests + Awesome Recipes)

What Does Buttermilk Taste Like

Seriously, what does buttermilk taste like? Even when you put in butter + milk together in one perfect solution, I’m sure you get mixed reactions and you get any of these statements: “Buttermilk does not taste like milk at all” “I don’t taste the ‘butter’ in buttermilk” ​“Why is it called ‘buttermilk’ when I can’t taste milk and butter?” “Isn’t the word ‘buttermilk’ misleading?” The common reaction you get when … Read more

Use the Best Tea Maker for the Ultimate Tea Time Experience

You cannot deny the fact that tea is a more delicious and healthier alternative to the more popular caffeinated drink—coffee. Aside from its nutritional benefits, what I liked most about teas is they are a part of a culture of various countries. But what I am saddened about is the fact that we are already starting to neglect the traditional process of brewing teas due to the popularity of commercial … Read more

Difference between Malt and Shake? The answer is simple!

Difference between Shake and Malt

You may have heard a character in an old timey movie or TV show sit down at a soda shop counter and ask for a “malt shake.” The character was then served something that looked a lot like a milk shake. Maybe you’ve seen malted milk shakes on a local diner or ice cream shop menu. I recently tried a malted shake and was instantly hooked! But I was curious: … Read more