Here’s the Best Kitchen Timer for Your Needs!

Are you tired of burning the dishes that you are cooking? Do you want to ensure that your baked goodies are prepared at a precise time? If so, the kitchen equipment that you need is a kitchen timer. But what makes up a good kitchen timer? Or better yet, what is the best kitchen timer? This article will help you find out! 5 Best Kitchen Timer Reviews You Need to … Read more

The 5 Best Jerky Gun for Your Kitchen: A Complete Guide

Best Jerky Gun

We are aware jerky as a convenient food and delicious snack. Commercial jerky is available in most supermarkets, but did you know you can make your own with the best jerky gun and a food dehydrator? But what exactly is jerky? What You Need To Know About Jerky And The Jerky Gun Jerky is a process of preserving meat so it will last long even without refrigeration. Even people from the … Read more

The 5 Best Apron for Your Cooking Needs

best apron

Are you looking for the best apron you can use for daily cooking? You have a lot of choices! Below is a comprehensive buying guide and review of the best bibs, but you can always click on the product links above to read more reviews on Amazon. There are a whole lot of things that happen in the kitchen while you prepare and cook food. From peeling vegetables, cutting up … Read more

Top 5 Best Paper Towel Holders for Quick and Easy Clean-up

best paper towel holder

Paper towel holders may seem like small tools in the kitchen. They’re there, but most of the time we don’t care. We don’t pay them that much attention and their roles become neglected. After all, they only need to hold and keep the roll of paper towel in place. However, paper towel holders give us a lot of conveniences and help make cleaning so easy. When you come to think … Read more

Look No Further: 5 Of The Best Kitchen Utensil Set For Your Needs

Best Kitchen Utensil Set

Advances in technology and changes in taste helped in the development of many modern kitchen utensils today. Now, we have many options when choosing the Best Kitchen Utensil Set for our home. Having the right utensils is essential in delicious and well-prepared dishes. Also, using the appropriate tools will give the cook a more efficient and enjoyable time preparing food. Having said all of that, let us show you the … Read more

Protect Your Hands from the Heat with the Best Oven Mitts

Best Oven Mitts

It’s pretty much a daily occurrence in my house: I take something out of the oven, bring it to the table, go back into the kitchen and do a bunch of other tasks, then frantically search around the kitchen for the mitts as the timer buzzes to tell me the next dish is done. Usually I’ve left them on the table, but sometimes on a chair, an odd spot on … Read more

Cooking (or ordering) Lots of Asian Food? Get Some Chopsticks!

best chopsticks

When I was travelling on a bus trip in Vietnam, a Chinese woman assessed my chopstick skills while we were at a rest stop for lunch. She basically told me that my technique was ugly, but it did the job. Travelling gives us so many opportunities to practice humility! Despite my poor chopstick technique, I still love eating and cooking all different types of Asian cuisine. I realized, though, that … Read more

Not All Ice Cube Trays are Equal — Here are the Best!

best ice cube trays

Isn’t it the worst when you’re trying to remove ice from an ice cube tray and it just won’t budge? Ice cube trays are one of those kitchen items that’s often an afterthought, but some options are truly better than others. In this article, I’ll discuss why it’s worth having good ice cube trays, what to look for, and which the best options are. Feel free to skip right to … Read more