Kitchen Basics: The Best Kitchen Trash Can

Ok, so this might not seem like the most exciting topic. However, having a good kitchen garbage can is like having good kitchen towels—if you take the time to make careful choices, these simple items help your kitchen run more smoothly. When you’re not worrying about these background elements, you can appreciate those flashier items like your gleaming copper cookware or your razor-sharp Santoku knife. So let’s look at some … Read more

Weigh your Options to Find the Best Kitchen Scale

best kitchen scale

When I got married, a kitchen scale was a “must have” on all the registry lists. I’d never used a kitchen scale before, but now I can’t imagine living without one (and I really can’t imagine how my mom always got on without one). In this article, I’ll discuss the value of having a small scale in your kitchen and some of the types of scales you can buy. Then … Read more

Get Juicy, Tender Meat with a Meat Tenderizer

The best meat tenderizer

My mom still has her old meat tenderizer. A simple wooden tool with a heavy, toothy head and a long, slender handle. It works just fine, except when the head flies off on your backswing and wreaks havoc in the kitchen! She’s overdue for an upgrade. From heavy mallot-type tenderizers to more complex contraptions that create a series of small punctures in the meat, the there are many great options … Read more

The Wooden Spoon: Humble but Mighty!

I have lots of kitchen utensils, but it’s always my wooden spoons I reach for when doing pretty much any sort of mixing or stirring or sautéing. There’s something about the feel of wood that’s just right. But not all wooden spoons are created equal. Those cheap bags of 3 you can buy in the grocery store won’t give you the same pleasure or functionality as something more well-constructed and … Read more

Love Fluffy Mashed Potatoes? You Need a Potato Ricer!

best potato ricer

I consider myself well-versed in kitchen implements and gadgets, but upon a recent visit to a friend’s house, I discovered a completely new-to-me tool: the potato ricer. I was digging through her drawer looking for a masher to help her with the side dish to her roasted chicken. “No masher!” she said. “Check this out!” She pulled out a gizmo that looked like an oversized garlic press and popped a … Read more

Get to Know Your Oven with an Oven Thermometer

best oven thermometer

Have you ever heard someone mention their oven “runs hot?” Or have you wondered why the cookies you make at home without even looking at the recipe always burn when you try to bake them at someone else’s house? Yeah. The thermostat on your oven is not always 100% accurate. With an oven thermometer, the temperature inside your appliance doesn’t have to be a mystery. I don’t have one, but … Read more

Ignite Your Cooking Skills with a Kitchen Torch

best kitchen torch

One of my favourite desserts is creme brûlée. I love cracking the caramelized topping with my spoon and digging into the sweet custard. I never make it at home, but I could if I had a kitchen torch! In this article, I’ll explore uses for kitchen torches, discuss how to shop for them, and sift through reviews of the best kitchen torches. Feel free to click straight to my recommendations … Read more

Easy Cheese Shredding with a Rotary Cheese Grater

best rotary cheese grater

Once you have freshly grated cheese at home, you’ll never buy the factory-grated stuff again! We go through so much parmesan cheese that we’ve begun buying it in huge chunks. We can never get enough on our pasta dishes, in salads, on roasted vegetables, in soups, etc. I use our pyramid style cheese grater, which is awkward and cumbersome to work with for grating cheese over our dishes at the … Read more