Have a Fun Cooking Experience with the Best Vegetable Chopper

You will surely agree with me when I say that chopping the ingredients is the most tedious part of cooking. Well, did you know that there is one tool that you can use to make this activity as hassle-free as possible? Yes, they call it the vegetable chopper. But what is the best vegetable chopper? What are the things that you should consider when looking for one? What brands are …

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Maintain your Blades like a Pro with an Electric Knife Sharpener

best electric knife sharpener

You can spend thousands of dollars on culinary knives, but if your knives are dull, they are no better than the cheapest knives you can buy. It’s important to choose knives carefully (see our picks for the best kitchen knife sets under $200), but maintaining your knives is equally important. In this article, I’ll discuss the basics of sharpening knives and what to look for in an electric sharpener, then …

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The Best Electric Fillet Knife (for Fishing or your Kitchen!)


I remember many summers of sitting out on the little lake behind our house with my brother, catching sunny fish with hot dogs on our hooks. Meanwhile, my husband was taking multi-week fishing trips in Northern Canada, catching buckets of fish they’d actually eat. I’m obviously not a serious angler, but I do love to eat freshly caught fish and can see the value of having the right tools for …

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What You Need to Look for the Best Magnetic Knife Holder in Your Kitchen – The Best 5 Contenders

Best Magnetic Knife Holder

Many people would probably just stow away their knives and metal cutleries into the kitchen drawers. If you follow this kind of practice, you’ve probably experienced being cut by your knives at one point or another. We can’t help it. When rummaging through a drawer filled with nasty sharp knives in a rush while preparing food, those accidents are bound to happen. Knives are essential kitchen tools, but they can …

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Tired of Cutting Potatoes? Get the Best French Fry Cutter Here

best French fry cutter

There are many things to consider when choosing the best French fry cutter. First, how often are you going to use it? Then, what type of cut do you want for your fries? Lastly, you need to consider some potatoes that you will cut. With these things in mind, choosing the type of cutter to buy can be a bit tricky. You could choose an inexpensive, small stainless steel potato …

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The Best Santoku Knives to Cut Through the Competition

Best Santoku Knives

Knives are the backbone of any kitchen—the most basic tool for preparing food. I recently upgraded my knife collection. I’d had the same cheap knives I’d used since university and they simply weren’t cutting it anymore (ha!). As I took a careful look at knife options, I kept seeing Santoku knives and decided to look more into this Japanese tool! I’m glad I did; my Santoku knife has been a …

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Slice up Your Pie with the Best Pizza Cutter

Perhaps it’s because I’m from New York. Or maybe it’s because it’s just delicious. Whatever the reason, I LOVE pizza. And I make it regularly, so I need pizza tools that are top-notch. Today I’m taking a look at pizza cutters. Below I review some of the most popular pizza cutters, then I’ll discuss some specifics about different types of cutters and what to look for when shopping for one. …

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