Over 1000+ Air Fryer Recipes & Cookbook

No one can deny fried food is delicious. French fries, chicken nuggets, corndogs, onion rings, fried shrimp… Just reading the name of some fried foods can be mouthwatering. However, we all know fried food isn’t healthy for us and that’s another reality that can’t be denied. The oil used to fry food might not be … Read more

Griddle Recipes for Every Occasion

If you’ve ever searched the web for griddle-anything you’ve probably ran into blogs of people lauding these cooking devices with such enthusiasm that you can’t help but to ask “What’s so great about griddles?” We’re glad you asked Simply put, griddles are the very best when it comes to cooking a lot of food; This … Read more

The Best Recipes and Cookbooks for Managing Diabetes

best diabetes cookbooks recipes

My godmother has had Type 1 diabetes all her life. I was always fascinated by her insulin pumps, regular skin pricks to check her blood sugar levels, and all of the effort that went into managing her disease. As an adult, I admire how she has accepted her condition and worked all her life to … Read more

Bread Recipes and Cookbooks to Get you Kneading

Best Bread Recipes and Cookbooks

I love baking bread. Here’s why. Do you know the Danish concept hygge with which the world has become fascinated recently? Hygge is roughly translated to “coziness,” but it’s a philosophy that embodies anything—activities, objects, decor, food—that promotes a sense of warmth, homeyness, and togetherness. I’m pretty certain that there’s nothing more hygge-ful than the … Read more