Best Soup Recipes and Cookbooks for Cozy Mealtimes

Best Soup Recipes and Cookbooks

My 4-year-old’s favorite outing is to our local science centre. After exploring, we always get a cup of soup from the cafeteria and share it between the two of us. It’s a sweet little tradition that I treasure (and I love that she always asks for soup instead of being tempted by the hot dogs, pizza, and other less-than-healthy foods available). Every culture on Earth, every cuisine, makes soup. A … Read more

Bring Italy into your Kitchen with the Best Italian Recipes and Cookbooks

best italian recipes and cookbooks

I swear, even the highway rest stops in Italy have incredible food. Italy is one of those countries where food is more than fuel or nutrition—it’s about life, togetherness, pleasure. The food reflects that importance—it’s fresh and whole, an opportunity for social interaction, and it’s delightful to eat. Of course, North American “Italian” food has in many ways been reduced to basic flavor pairings and standard dishes you find everywhere, … Read more

More than Sushi: Recipes and Cookbooks to Bring Japanese Food to Your Home

best japanese cookbooks recipes

I still remember the first time I had sushi. I was with my friend who was two years older and much more sophisticated. She was in university at the time; I was still in high school. I’d always been a little nervous about the idea of sushi (raw fish?!), but my mind was blown when I tasted it. The freshness, the flavors, the way it made me feel like I … Read more

Get Cooking Chinese with these Great Chinese Recipes and Cookbooks

best chinese cookbooks recipes

What a surprise when I went to China and the food was nothing like I was expecting. What most people know outside of this huge country as “Chinese food” bears little resemblance to the real thing. I was in northern China, but most Chinese food outside of China is closer to Cantonese cuisine. In this article, I’ll take a quick look at the different regional styles of Chinese food, share … Read more

Explore the Mediterranean with the Best Recipes and Cookbooks

best mediterranean cookbook repcipes

Ah, the Mediterranean. The place of legends like the Odyssey, the home of rich and lively cultures, and a cuisine to match the storied history and vibrancy of the region. I’ve been lucky to travel throughout Italy and Croatia. I’ve also experienced some excellent Mediterranean food while living in Montreal, a city of fantastic gastronomic culture with a variety of influences. Given this cuisine’s healthfulness and tastiness, it’s a great … Read more

Pressure Cooker Recipes and Cookbooks for Super Quick Meals!

Pressure Cooker Recipes and Cookbooks

Have you ever used a pressure cooker? Or does just the thought of it make you nervous? In this article I’ll quickly discuss some basics of pressure cooking, share some great recipes (both meat-focused and vegetarian), and take a look at some of the best cookbooks available in case you really want to get into it scroll further down to read more detailed reviews, but feel free to click the … Read more

Find the Best Vegan Cookbook for Delicious Plant-based Cooking

Best Vegan Cookbook

I am not vegan, but I have been getting into vegan cooking lately and like to incorporate at least one or two vegan meals into the weekly rotation. But my knowledge is limited, and I’d like to expand my repertoire. So I’m looking to find the best vegan cookbook out there. If you’re dabbling in veganism or fully committed, let’s find a great cookbook! Why Vegan? Although I haven’t committed … Read more

Tasty Thai is Just a Cookbook Away!

best thai cookbook

After I got home from work as a teacher in Thailand, I’d stroll down my soi (street) and grab dinner for that night, as well as some fruit to have in the morning for breakfast. My dinner was usually som tam (green papaya salad) and BBQ chicken from the street vendor I called “Mom and Dad” because they were so warm and welcoming to me, a foreigner away from my … Read more