The Best Pellet Smokers for Easy BBQ at Home or on the Go

Best pellet smoker

When I was growing up, the community centre across the street from my house ran an annual chicken barbecue fundraiser. They’d set up shop with charcoal-filled pits dug out in the grass to smoke the chicken to barbecue heaven. Sometimes I dream of replicating that smokey, tender chicken on my own, but I’m not about to dig a pit in my back yard… But luckily, amazing, smokey barbecue doesn’t have …

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Increase your Cooking Capacity with a Hot Plate

Best Hot Plate

It’s always on Thanksgiving, when I’m cooking multiple dishes and my stovetop is full, that I wish I had a hot plate. Having that one extra burner would help with the puzzle of getting all the food out on the table at the same time, still hot. But there are a lot of options to consider when shopping for the best hot plate. In this article, I’ll cover everything you …

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