What Should Be Added to a Home to Make It More Attractive and Livable?

It can sometimes be good to invite some friends and special people into the home. But sometimes, the home may not seem inviting enough for people to give it a visit. Giving the home some loving touch can significantly change its outlook and make it attractive not only for visitors but also for prospective buyers.

Whether the home is already an existing one or is still about to be built, here are some things to integrate into it to make it more appealing and give it a magical touch.


For homes that are still about to be built, planning the entire structure well should be at the top of the priority list. Many of today’s newly-built homes are now constructed using modern designs, but most often than not, they usually fall under one of the four basic models for home assembly. These models include the one-story ranch, one-and-one-half story, two-story, and split level.

Whichever model is used, having the right type and design of windows is a must. A window is a very important part of a home’s structure. Often made out of glass, this element of the home allows natural light to enter the interiors, making the home look more inviting and lively. It also helps gives the people living in the home a peek of the outside. The window design can also add to the overall aesthetics of a home.


The façade of the home plays as much importance when it comes to adding aesthetics. Front doors and entryways should be designed in a way as to make people want to check out the entire home’s interiors. Facades and entryways are the first things people notice when checking out a home, so it should be well thought of and not taken for granted when planning the overall design for the home. The design of the façade and the entryways have an impact on people’s first impressions of the property.


Lighting fixtures add drama to a home, making it more inviting even at night. Depending on the lighting used within or outside of the home, the property can either look dramatic, mysterious, elegant, or charming. Homes with outdoor lights placed strategically on certain parts of the property are even more attractive because they offer a sense of safety. Interior lights, on the other hand, add more elegance and finesse.

There are several types of lighting that can be used to make a home more inviting. These include ambient indoor lighting, ambient outdoor lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient indoor lighting is generally used for the living spaces indoors. Choices include chandeliers, table lamps, track lights, floor lights, wall-mounted light fixtures, ceiling-mounted lights, and LED downlights or traditional recessed fixtures.

Ambient outdoor lighting basically refers to the lights used to illuminate the outdoor parts of the home. They are installed in strategic areas to provide visibility outside the home during nighttime and to improve the security around the entire property. Fixtures that can be used for outdoor lighting include spotlights, wall lights, hanging lights, garage and canopy lighting, post lanterns, and recessed fixtures that are used in overhanging structures.

Task lightings are special features that can be added to the home to improve its functionality based on the need of the people living on it. These types of lights help people carry out certain tasks, such as cooking, reading, or doing tasks on the computer. Lighting types that can be used for this purpose include pendant lights, desk lamps or portable lamps, downlight lamps or directional gimbal recessed fixtures, tape and extrusion, slimline bars, and under-cabinet lights.

Accent lighting fixtures, on the other hand, are used to emphasize a specific point. They can be used to create a dramatic effect or to achieve a particular desired effect. Types of lights under this type include track lights, tape and extrusion, wall-mounted lights, under-cabinet lights, and directional recessed fixtures.


Porches make the home look more inviting as they provide an outdoor space to bond with neighbors and guests over coffee or tea. Porches not only enhance the overall appearance of a home; they also add some practicality. They can be used as additional storage spaces for shoes, coats, and other things. They also serve as added security features by acting as a barrier between the actual home and the outdoors.

An inviting home is a happy home. It does not matter whether it is big or small as long as it offers a place to relax and enjoy life. Homes that are inviting offer a sense of serenity and peace not only to guests but also to people living in them. They also make people feel at ease. So, no matter what it takes, it always helps to integrate certain features into homes to make them more appealing and inviting to everyone.