The BEST MEAT GRINDER – Reviews in 2016

Best Meat Grinder

Why Grinding Your Meat Is Better ?

Contrary to the popular belief, meat grinding aficionados aren’t only gourmet foodies obsessed with controlling every aspect of their food. A lot of those interested in homemade ground meat are concerned about the safety of their families.

This is why: Home-made ground meat is safer
In most cases, meat bought from the supermarket or the butcher isn’t even ground on the same day you buy it, which means it sits on the counter losing quality and flavor while also being exposed to dangerous bacteria.
Grinding meat at home ensures that you eat the meat while it’s still fresh, reducing the risk of food foodborne diseases.

Grinding your meat provides a pleasant flavor

You know what the best part of owning a meat grinder is ? That you can choose exactly what goes into your ground beef. Want to throw some veal into the mix? Go ahead! Want to avoid fat content? Just separate the fat from your meat? Want to put in a little more fat? You can also do that.

Best of all, no matter what combination you come up with, you can always be sure that the meat you’re grinding is fresh and hasn’t lost its flavor.

Food safety at home

While the benefits are many, there are still risks when handling meat, as it can be contaminated if you don’t clean your meat grinders thoroughly.
Food safety at home

Below is a short list of tips that will ensure that the meat you grind at home is as safe as it can be:

  • Wash your counter and every part of your grinder, particularly if it’s new.
  • Keep your work area clean and don’t reuse utensils that have been used on raw meat.
  • Grind bread to help remove fat out of the blades.
  • Take the grinder apart and wash each piece thoroughly.
  • Never store the parts wet. Allow them to air dry or dry them with a towel.
  • Remember to wash your counter with water and soap, as bacteria can stay there.

Now that you know why grinding meat at home is safer you might want to start considering to buy your meat grinder

Best Meat Grinder

Through the years, both as a homemaker and a cook, I’ve used my fair share of meat grinders. Below is a list of the ones I consider the best based on my experience.

Best Hand
  • Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder
  • KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment
Top 1
  • LEM Products 5 Pound

Compare Meat Grinders

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CompareBellemain Manual Meat GrinderKitchenAid FGA Food Grinder AttachmentSTX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TFLEM Products 5 Pound
Veal Untested
Bones Untested

Meat Grinder Reviews

1. Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder

Best Manual Meat Grinder

Let’s start with the basics: the Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder is a manual meat grinder perfect for small families or a single person.
Its’ small size and plastic body make it a breeze to clean, which is a huge plus in my book.

This isn’t the meat grinder for everyone, though. Because of its small size, you can’t grind large quantities of meat and the one you can grind usually needs to be diced beforehand to ensure proper grinding.

All in all, this is an incredible meat grinder for those just entering the meat grinder world.

Consider the Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder if you only grind meat occasionally and don’t mind putting in some elbow grease to get the results you want
Manual Meat Grinder
Manual Meat Grinder
Manual Meat Grinder

2. KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment

Best Food Grinder Attachment

Best Food Grinder Attachment

If you prefer something that can handle more volume and grind more quickly then I recommend the KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment.

What you need to understand about this meat grinder is that it isn’t a standalone appliance. You need other KitchenAid products, namely the Stand Mixer, for this to work. If that’s a problem you should consider a standalone appliance but if you already have the necessary KitchenAid products then this is a meat grinder you shouldn’t ignore.

This product is easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean. All you need to do is attach it to your mixer’s power hub, and you’re ready to go. Because this is an electric grinder you’ll have an easier time than with the Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder, but it’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t a commercial meat grinder, so it has its limits. Don’t let it overheat, make sure it’s properly connected and you shouldn’t have any issue. With the second cheapest price of this list, this is a great acquisition for those looking to grind meat without buying a large and clunky grinder that might take up too much space.

Consider this if you are grinding small quantities of meat, already have a KitchenAid Stand Mixer and are looking for an electric meat grinder at an affordable price.
Best Meat Grinder Attachment
Best Meat Grinder Attachment
Best Meat Grinder Attachment


Best Electric Meat Grender

Best Electric Meat Grender

Now, if what you’re looking for is a powerful meat grinder that will get you through large volumes of meat in a short amount of time without breaking the bank, then you want the STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-Turbo Forcemeat grinder. This meat grinder’s specs read like a luxury car’s. With three different speeds, three unique blades and three grinding plates you might as well call the STX International the Rolls Royce of meat grinders. With 3000 watts of power, this is the kind of grinder that will satisfy any home kitchen, and even some restaurant’s, commercial, needs.

  • Chicken? Check.
  • Beef? Check.
  • Veal? Check.
  • Bones? You got it.

The STX International will grind through that and more, just make sure things are partially frozen when you grind them. As with every other meat grinder, slightly frozen meat makes the job much easier.

Consider this meat grinder if you’re looking for an appliance that can grind large quantities of meat in a short amount of time. The price might be a little higher compared to other grinders, as it’s the highest priced in this list, but it is a wonderful choice for those who are serious about grinding meat.
Best Meat Grinder
Best Meat Grinder
Best Meat Grinder

4. LEM Products 5 Pound Sausage Stuffer

Best Sausage Stuffer

Best Sausage Stuffer

The STX International even includes a sausage stuffer, but if what you’re looking for is to make your sausages then I recommend the LEM Products 5 Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer.

This grinder is made almost entirely of steel which means that you’ll get a product that lasts and lasts and lasts. Though large, it can be easily handled by a single person who makes it an invaluable tool for those interested in making their homemade sausages.

This is a powerful grinder that can go through 5 pounds of meat in less than 3 minutes and the best part?
With a price slightly, this is a tool you can’t afford to go without.
This isn’t the kind of grinder I’d recommend for beginners, who would be better using something like Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder but if you already know what you’re doing, then it’ll take you no time to see why this sausage stuffer is the best.

Consider the LEM Products 5 Pound Sausage Stuffer if you’re serious about making homemade sausages for your family or your business.
Best Sausage Stuffer
Best Sausage Stuffer
Best Sausage Stuffer
If there’s something I’ve learned over my years using meat, no matter how often you grind meat, you really want to invest in high quality equipment that will last you for a long time while providing always the best results.
The world of meat grinding is an exciting one and soon you’ll find yourself creating your own mixes and experimenting with all the things you can do. It’s better if you invest in quality grinders right away and the meat grinders listed here are the best in the current market.
Now you’re armed with the knowledge you need in order to get a quality meat grinding. All you need to do now is to pick one and get started.

What Are The Best Types of Meat To Grind?

What Are The Best Types of Meat To Grind

We’ve already covered the benefits of grinding your own meat.
Hopefully, by this point, you’ve already gone ahead and experimented with your meat grinder’s possible settings but have you experimented with the meat itself?

One of the best things about owning a meat grinder is that you don’t have to stick to plain old beef all the time. With just a little creativity you can start grinding other kinds of meats and, even better, you can start mixing them to come up with something truly unique. If you aren’t sure where to start, let us help you.

What meat should I grind?

Generally speaking, you can grind any kind of meat you want and get good results but not all meats are made the same and some are more particular than others:


Beef - Meat Grinder

This is a classic and probably what you’ve been grinding so far. It’s also one of the cheapest cuts and it has a lot of fat, which means your meat will stay juicy if you’re using it for hamburger patties. Flank, shank and brisket works just as well so don’t shy away from that.
Tip: If you’re using leaner cuts –rump, sirloin, etc– then you’ll have to add some fatback to the mixture to keep it from being too dry.


Because of its texture, lamb is one of the easiest meats to grind. For optimal results try shoulder meat, blade chops or cutlets.


Chicken Meat Grinder

Most chefs will recommend thigh meat, as they’re less likely to ‘dry out’. Remove the skin before grinding your chicken, as it has the potential to clog your grinder. Chicken breasts work wonders for lean meat, while thighs and drumsticks work better when you’re looking for something juicier.
Tip: No matter how soft, only grind chicken bones if your grinder was made for it.


Upper shoulder and lower shoulder are the way to go. This might not be as easy to grind as other meats but it’s worth the effort.


As a general rule, turkey has a stronger flavor than chicken. Boneless turkey breasts are a good choice for lean cuts while thighs and gizzards work well for something juicier.

Tip: You might want to combine your turkey with pork to ensure a smoother result.
Are you ready to try something new? Try any of the following recipes!

Happy grinding and bon appetite!

Basic Safety Tips for Meat Grinders

Safety Tips for Meat Grinders

Using any sort of kitchen appliance has its risks and we’ve all learned to accept it and carry on. Generally speaking, as long as you’re careful and use them as instructed, using kitchen appliances is pretty safe. The same goes for meat grinders.

While all those blades and sharp parts might scare you, using a meat grinder is perfectly safe as long as you’re paying attention to what you’re doing and follow these tips:

General Use

Manual Meat Grinder

Manual Meat Grinder

  • Regardless of the type of meat grinder you use, you want to maximize the distance between your hand and the grinder’s blades and plates.
  • Make sure you use a meat pusher (also called stomper pusher) whenever pushing meat to the grinder. When cleaning, use cleaning tools with handles rather than sponges and never wipe towards the blade when drying.
  • If you’re using an electric grinder make sure it’s unplugged before you begin to take it apart for cleaning.

Manual Grinders

  • Some manual grinders attach themselves to your counter using a suction cup; others do it with a clamp mount.
  • Regardless of the type, you want to make sure the grinder is firmly attached to your counter before you start using it. Remember that you’re going to be applying a fair amount of strength to this appliance so you want to make sure it’s secured firmly to avoid slipping. (While you’re at it, you want to make sure the surface you’re attaching the grinder is sturdy, as it might break under the pressure if it’s not strong enough)
    manual grinders
  • If your manual grinder has bolts and screws make sure they’re screwed in firmly. Failing to do so might end on the parts falling out of place when using it and, believe us; you don’t want that to happen.

Electric Grinders

As with manual grinders, make sure to keep your hands away from the plates and the blades. This is even more important with electric grinders, as they work with electricity and not with your own strength.
The Electric Meat Grinder
Make sure the meat grinder you’re buying is ideal for you. No matter how good an offer was, you don’t want to have a huge commercial grinder at home, as those can be difficult to operate by a single person. While you’re at it, make sure the voltage is the right one for your house.

Meat grinders go on strong and smooth surfaces, as it reduces the risks of them falling down while in use.
When assembling it, make sure all the parts are placed in the right place and order. Electric meat grinders tend to be more complicated than meat grinders which mean the assembling time is longer but it is well worth the wait. That extra screw sitting on your counter, It belongs somewhere and you better find where before you even think about using the grinder.
Electric Grinder

At the risk of repeating ourselves, make sure your meat grinder is unplugged when you take it apart for cleaning. We can’t stress this enough.

Safety measures are important when using kitchen utensils and this is particularly true when working with meat grinders. Be careful and happy grinding!


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