The Best Way to Reheat Leftovers: A Step-by-Step Guide for All Your Favorite Foods

Leftovers are inevitable – when you cook extra to have meals on hand, when your restaurant dish is huge, when you throw a party, or when relatives send you home with some after a holiday. They can be convenient, and of course, save you time and money, but unfortunately they’re not always delicious when reheated. Luckily, with the proper methods for each type of food, you can maximize taste and … Read more

How to Store Green Onions and Prevent It from Wilting

Green onions, more commonly known as scallions, are a versatile ingredient. I first tasted this ingredient when I visited Asian countries. This is the reason behind the unique taste of Korean and Chinese cuisines. Whenever I am craving for these cuisines, I make sure to include this ingredient in my recipes. And since I love Asian cuisines, I always have a stock of scallions at home. I love how green … Read more

Choose the Best Airtight Containers for Fresh Food and a Tidy Kitchen

Best Airtight Containers

Of all the gifts I got for our wedding, my set of lidded glass containers is the item I use the most. Good airtight containers are so versatile. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the specifications to consider when shopping for airtight containers. Then I’ll take a look at some of the top-rated options available to buy. Feel free to skip right to the shopping by clicking the links … Read more

No More Mystery Meat: Find the Best Meat Grinder on the Market

The other night I made my first meat pie. I even made the crust myself. It was delicious!But, although the recipe had called for ground chuck meat, I used pre-packaged ground beef from the grocery store, and I have no idea what cuts of beef went into it. Wouldn’t it be nice to grind up my own beef and know exactly what’s in there?So now I’m looking into meat grinders: … Read more

Wrap it Up with the Best Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is a kitchen staple. Anything from covering up plates of leftovers to wrapping up sandwiches can be done with a good plastic wrap. In this article I’ll review some of the top rated plastic wraps available (and one non-plastic, reusable option!). I will also discuss some of the things to consider when picking a plastic wrap for your household. Feel free to click right to the product listings … Read more

Thyme – The Aromatic Plant We All Love!

what does thyme taste like

Where will we be without aromatic herbs and spices to liven up our dishes and bring a welcome pleasantness to our kitchens? Of all the spices available, thyme has proven to be always intact, never fading, it isn’t called the evergreen plant for nothing. Thyme is no stranger to us, but not all of us know all the ways to make use of it. There are varieties of this herb … Read more

How to store coffee beans ? The Right Way

How to store coffee beans

When it comes to enjoying a slow morning on relaxing during a cold afternoon it doesn’t get any better than coffee. Coffee has been part of our lives for centuries and, today, it’s one of our most powerful tools to keep up with today’s fast-paced world. It’s precisely because our day to day can be so hectic that it’s important to know how to store coffee beans. After all, you … Read more

3 Super Easy Ways to Store Carrots!

Carrots are one of those vegetables you should always have at hand and not only because they feature in so many hearty home dishes. No, carrots also make great and easy snacks, are very healthy, can be used to create all sort of entrées and, best of all, are very, very cheap. This goes double if you buy them in bulk, regardless if you’re buying organic or straight from the … Read more