Five Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Photo by Curtis Adams on Pexels

The kitchen is the most dynamic part of the household. It is the place with the most messes and the most going on. You might love keeping your kitchen organized, but it could also be a burden to you. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a bachelor who never cooks, keeping your kitchen clean and organized will provide peace of mind and the ability to utilize the space. Whoever you are and however big your kitchen is, below are some tips and tricks for keeping the space organized.

Use All Your Storage Space

The first thing you should do is take inventory of your storage space. How much space do you have? Are you using it all? What could you make better use of? Can you store dry goods like cans somewhere else? You can separate items that won’t perish and keep your cabinets organized better. Furthermore, if there is any empty space you can move items to separate them from others. Even if you don’t have much space at all, properly utilizing it can change the way you are engaging with your kitchen.

Invest in a Smart Refrigerator

A smart refrigerator can also help you organize your kitchen. They have so many benefits. These appliances not only tell you when you need something, but you can also visualize how to keep it organized without opening the door. These fridges offer a lot of features, including the ability to add things to your digital shopping list when you are almost out of it. Food won’t go bad as quickly. You also won’t buy too much food because you will have a way to know when you need something, providing much more kitchen space and the ability to use it more effectively. A smart fridge will do a lot of work for you.

Properly Store Foods

Do you have plastic containers that routinely take up space? One method you can use is to store foods in those airtight containers and either recycle or throw the packaging away. Not only will this keep your foods fresher for longer, but you will also be able to free up cabinet space because you will be using the containers and putting them in the fridge. Think about it. If you have plastic containers taking up space and the packaging the food came in taking up space, you can free up the cabinets or counters by properly storing your food. It is a win for everyone.

Use the Right Size Garbage Bin

Every kitchen has a specific amount of room. Your garbage can undoubtedly take up some of that space. You also need a large enough trash can, so you don’t have to take it out multiple times a day. The right garbage bin will go a long way. You should think about the shape, the size, and how it fits into your kitchen. When you consider all these factors, you will be able to choose the right trash bin for your kitchen that won’t take up too much space while providing a way to make some.

Declutter Your Counter Space

Finally, you should work on decluttering your counter space. Search “how to declutter kitchen counters” on YouTube and you’ll find no shortage of instructional videos on this.  It can go a long way towards your peace of mind to keep the kitchen counters clear of appliances, cookware, mail, kid’s backpacks, car keys, coin change, and all other manner of chaos. This way, when you bring your designer tote bags home from the farmer’s market, you’ll have an uncluttered counter to set them on top of. 

Keeping the kitchen organized is an art of sorts. It is so easy to let it become disorganized and dirty. When you feel like you don’t have enough space, you might throw up your hands and say, “I give up,” but that’s even more of a reason to re-organize your kitchen. 

With a well-organized kitchen space, you will be able to cook better, waste less, and have a clear mind both inside and out of the kitchen. If your kitchen needs work, why not get started today? These tips and tricks will help you stay organized in the kitchen so you can cook and live better.