Home-buying Guide for People With an Active Lifestyle

When you have an active lifestyle, finding a place to live isn’t hard, because you’re most likely down for anything, from the RV life to dwelling in a fine real estate property. But if you’re buying a home to start a family in, or just to generally improve the quality of your life, a number of things will matter in choosing a new place.

First and foremost, you have to consider your budget; if you’re getting a loan, you need to have good credit and enough income that will allow you to pay off the loan without problems. Your budget will also determine what locations you can include in your options, the lot or property size, and other factors that influence the price of a home.

Once your budget and options are settled, take these steps in choosing a home that’ll suit your active lifestyle:

  1. Identify your style of physical activity.

The type of active lifestyle you have depends on the physical activities you like to enjoy. If exercising is your passion, then you have a different lifestyle from that of an athlete, though you’re both active,

The common styles of physical activity are exercising alone, exercising with a buddy, playing sports or group activity, and a combination of one and any of those styles. If you like to play sports, then you should choose a community that offers sporting amenities, like a basketball court, tennis court, Olympic-sized swimming pool, etc. Or choose a place where there’s a sports center nearby, so you can purchase a membership.

  1. Be realistic about your state of health and fitness goals.

If the reason for your relocation is to motivate yourself to become active, be realistic on your goals, noting your state of health and fitness goals. For instance, if you’re considering a property in the mountains so you can hike regularly, make sure that you’re fit for that activity. It may not be good for you if you’re suffering from a chronic condition or injury.

Similarly, ensure that your fitness goals are attainable. Though a high-intensity workout is good, your body may not handle it if it’s been ages since you last worked out. In that case, choose a place that will allow you to increase the levels of your physical activity gradually.

  1. Choose a city or town that you love.

Nothing ruins your motivation to stay active more than a place you hate. If you’d love to jog around the neighborhood but kept being cat-called by bystanders, choose a new place that’s completely devoid of those menaces.

Consider your other hobbies and interests as well; do you like the city’s hustle and bustle, or the country’s quaint and healing surroundings? Some city-dwellers move to the country to enjoy more outdoor activities, while some country-dwellers migrate to the city to have commercial districts within walking distance. If you love going to the gym or playing indoor sports, the city may provide more facilities for that. On the other hand, if you’re into extreme outdoor adventures like rafting, surfing, rock-climbing, or hiking, the country or coastal cities may be better for you.

But what if you like both? Suburban areas will be your best bet in that case.

  1. Consider the weather and climate.

Marathoners, runners, and cyclists will definitely jeopardize their health and safety in a very cold region. The tropics may also thwart their physical activities because heavy rains and storms are not ideal conditions for them.

A cold region will be fine if you’re only exercising indoors. But still, shoveling snow is a pain, so better opt for an area where the weather and climate are comfortable and convenient.

  1. Research about an area’s culture, entertainment, and lifestyle.

These factors will matter in your active lifestyle as well. An area’s culture will determine the types of things you can enjoy there other than your physical activity. For instance, if you choose a city or town that’s famed for its art and artisans, then you’d likely find plenty of galleries and art-related events there.

A quick Google search or trip to the bookstore will help you in your research, but it’s also practical to experience the area yourself. See if you feel at home in it and if you’d feel confident engaging in your physical activity in it.

  1. Consider safety.

Lastly, safety is crucial when you’d be out a lot. As said above, a neighborhood plagued with cat-callers may be unsafe if you like to engage in an outdoor physical activity. But aside from cat-callers, other crimes and misdemeanors rampant in an area are also worth noting. You wouldn’t want your expensive mountain bike getting nicked because your community isn’t secured.

By completing these steps, you’d surely find the place that best suits your active lifestyle and enables you to achieve all your goals. It will secure your happiness as well, which makes physical activity even more rewarding and enjoyable.

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