How to clean Revere Ware Cookware

How to clean Revere Ware Cookware

Revere Ware Cookware

Let’s first know what exactly is revere ware cookware; this is a uniquely designed cookware made by combining two extensively used metal for making utensils. The cookware is made with a copper bottom, which helps in conducting the heat quickly and evenly and the body with stainless steel which increases its durability and also make its cleaning easy and quick. These cookware’s are attached with bakelite handles, which make it heat resistant while using it.

You get a wide variety of Revere cookware’s to be it fry pans, saucepans, stockpots, woks, sauté pans, and more.

These pans are easy to handle, but it also makes it hard to take care of. However, this can be your lucky day like today I am going to share my piece of ways to make your work of cleaning and taking care of these Revere ware cookware easy.

Cleaning Hacks

  • Using Soap and Water

You can clean this cookware with soap and water and an acrylic scrubbing sponge. At Maid Sailors Maid Service NYC, we even recommend using a Scotch Brite pad. Clean it from inside, which is steel, but don’t scrub it too hard you can damage..

  • Bar Keeper

This product will work on both inside and outside portion; you can use it directly on cookware or can use it with hot water and apply this product on it, which will remove stains and grease from them.

  • Vinegar and Water

Combine a few portions of vinegar mix with water and scrub your cookware with stain and an oily portion, or you can use vinegar directly on the utensils for better results. You can also use vinegar and salt, which makes it highly useful when you spray vinegar on cookware’s topped up with salt on it, which will create a reaction that removes the copper oxidation.

  • Citrus Fruit

Lemons are really helpful in getting rid of greasy cookware’s you just have to rub some lemon on them and see the magic happening.

  • Baking Soda

You can use it as your cleaning agent; you just have to take a big pan filled with water and boil it. Then put a handful amount of baking soda and put all the pans and pots to be cleaned inside it for 15 minutes or more if needed, then scrub them with the sponge to get them cleaned.

You can make the paste of baking soda and water and can scrub both steel and copper areas, but it may require a little more scrubbing to get rid of tough stains.

  • Polishing

The copper metal on the outer portion loses its shine with time and continuous use, which can’t be repaired just by cleaning it. As then, you will need the polishing of metal. And to do it you need some expert products like Revere Copper cleaner, which is a paste to use it on cookware’s, you just need to dip it in the wet sponge and apply it. Another product that serves this purpose is a chemical powder. It’s simple to you just put on the sponge and clean the copper plating of your cookware.

What are the measures taken before cleaning these Revere cookware?

  • You should always follow the instruction manual that comes with it.
  • Before washing the hot Revere ware cookware, you should let it cool down at room temperature because if cold water is put on a roasting pan, it will damage, wrap and weaken it but still cookers exception on this list.
  • You should wash Revere cookware after each use. When this cookware is new, its dishwasher safe, but not all so read its manual carefully.
  • You should never use secure abrasives like steel wool and scouring powder, as it can give many scratches on your cookware. Instead, you should use a nylon scrubbing pad.
  • Before cleaning Revere ware cookware, you must remove all the burnt-out food by just soaking it in hot soapy water till the burnt scraps come out after then you can use nylon pads to scrub it off.
  • Never use any kind of bleach-based cleaners on this Revere ware cookware.
  • Don’t put all Revere ware products in the dishwasher, as it will clean the metal part, but it may destroy the bakelite parts.
  • The Revere ware item should not be used in an oven as it will melt the bakelite handles at a certain temperature, and it will also emit strong chemical odor.
  • You should use these cookware’s on the stove at medium heat and gradually reduce the flames when food starts cooking.

I hope all this information will really be useful for you.

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