How to Design Your Way to a Better Lifestyle

It’s a known fact that your physical environment impacts your wellbeing and productivity. Color, light, decor, and layout all play a part in your lifestyle, mood, and workflow. We’ve all just been at home for the better part of this year, and it’s likely to be that way for a while longer. So it’s worth taking the time to calibrate your home’s interiors to bring out the best in them and you. Here are science-backed ways to design your way to a better lifestyle.


To make the most of your home’s interiors, color them strategically. This is called color psychology, a field of study based on the notion that we are conditioned to have psychological reactions to certain colors. This is widely used in marketing. Red, for instance, is scientifically proven to stimulate hunger in most people. This is why it’s seen on the marketing materials of fast food companies. Following this logic at home with the other colors of the rainbow can help you boost productivity, mood, and performance. Here are some of our recommendations for the different parts of your home.

Home office. The colors you have in your home office will depend on what your work requires of you. If your job needs you to be creative, blue is your best bet. Red is also a good color to have as it is believed to bring out your best performance. Remember that these colors don’t have to be on your walls for them to work – they can be in other things around you too. But if you plan on doing a repaint, make sure that your wall surface is smooth and intact before painting. Cracks, holes, and other structural issues should be seen to be experts such as

Bedroom. For a good night’s sleep, the best colors to have in your bedroom are pastels and muted colors. Beige, blush, lavender, pale blue are all calming and easy on the eyes. Green is also a good color as it’s associated with tranquility.

Dining room. Earlier, we discussed how red stimulates hunger. If you’re trying to eat less, the colors that have the opposite effect are brown, gray, and purple. Again, you don’t have to re-paint your walls. You can opt to have these colors on placemats, plates, and other utensils.


Light also plays a role in our mood and productivity. Maximize your natural light to help wake you up in the morning and get ready for the rest of the day.

Your home office lighting is important not just for productivity but for ergonomics as well. The best way to arrange your desk is so that the light from your window hits you on your side while you’re working. If the light is coming from in front of you, it may be too bright and cause eyestrain. If it comes from behind you, the glare it produces on your screen may also cause eyestrain. If adjusting your desk orientation isn’t possible, you can cover the windows with drapes or blinds to diffuse the light or cover your screen with an anti-glare filter.


The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui uses the concept of energy flow to harmonize an individual with his or her environment. But if feng shui isn’t for you, you should at least have a furniture arrangement that suits your workflow. One such example is the popular kitchen layout known as “the kitchen triangle.” This arrangement places the sink, refrigerator, and stove- the three main work stations of a kitchen – in the form of a triangle. This layout would allow you to transition smoothly from station to station as you work.

Furniture and decor

Apart from having furniture that is suited for your ergonomic needs, some studies indicate that the shape of your furniture will impact your mood. A 2011 study compared participant reactions to two rooms. Both rooms had similar layouts; the only difference was that one had straight-edged furniture and the other had rounded furniture. The respondents stated that they preferred the latter room, saying that the environment looked more pleasant and inviting.

Don’t neglect to let nature into your space. Plants are known to boost moods and productivity as well as filter and cool the surrounding air.

Maybe the key to your new and improved lifestyle lies in a few important redecorations around your living space. Color, layout, furniture, and light all play important roles in influencing your mood and productivity. Don’t underestimate their impact and focus on playing them up to your advantage.

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