Ideas for Quick & Healthy Lunches to Eat at Your Desk

Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

Whether you’re working at home or have gone back to the office, you are probably spending a lot of time at your desk. One thing we all tend to do at our computers is eat. Eating lunch sometimes can’t wait, and neither can the work. Of course, you want to eat healthy, and you don’t want it to take that long. You have things to do. Whether you have a monitor stand raising your computer or not, you also don’t want it to make too much of a mess. So, considering all these things, below are some quick and healthy lunch ideas to eat at your desk.

Lean Microwave Meals

Microwave meals don’t need to be bad for you and their portions can be reasonable. There are plenty of healthy frozen brands you can purchase at the grocery store. Do you have a microwave near your desk? Simply pop it in, do some work while you wait, and eat the meal at your desk. Simply look at the back of these boxes for portions, calories, and fats. You don’t have to sacrifice health with these quick, easy, and fully contained frozen meals.

Cold Sandwiches

A cold sandwich might be seen as the fun version of a lunch, but why not? There are so many ways to make a cold sandwich. Whether you buy high-end deli meat, fresh greens, pickled vegetables, condiments, or something else, there are endless combinations to a cold sandwich. Not only can it be delicious, but they are also often easy to make and don’t have to be very messy. You can have sides like nuts, fruit, and a healthy drink. A cold sandwich doesn’t have to be boring. It can be healthy, easy, and fast.

Make a Tray to Last the Week

Another way to make your lunches quick and healthy is to make a try of something that will last you all week. Make a healthy dish in a large quantity before individually portioning them for meals throughout your work week. Try making a healthy quiche with sides you can have for lunch for a few days. There is no shortage of things you could make for your lunches. Then you can simply pop it in the microwave and have a hot, delicious, and easy meal every day of the work week.

Soups & Stews

Like making a large tray of quiche, you can prepare a big batch of soup or let a stew cook for hours in a crock pot. Whether it’s lentil soup, chili, a curry, or something else, cooking a large batch will enable you to keep eating the soup or stew throughout the week. Not only can soup be healthy and quick to warm up, but it’s also easily made healthy. Soup and stews can be so nourishing. When you are wondering what to make for the week, boil a large pot of your favorite hot and comforting soup.

Make a Smoothie

Finally, another quick and healthy meal option is to make a large healthy smoothie in the morning that lasts through lunch. A healthy smoothie is so good for you. Be sure to blend your vegetables more than your fruit. You should be careful not to make your smoothies with too much sugar. If you focus on making your smoothie healthy and large, you can have it as a lunch substitute. It’s easy, quick to do in the morning, and will provide nutrients for you all day.

We are all busy. Life has changed a lot and we want to get ahead. Sometimes you don’t want to take a full lunch break. Instead, you want to heat up your food, bust out your sandwich, and eat while you work. Still, the food should be healthy and nutritious. Everyone needs to fuel to get through the day. If you are packing healthy and easy lunches or are eating them at your home desk, the day will go more smoothly. You will be able to focus, get more done, and feel good. So, when you can’t figure out what to eat for lunch, think about these quick and healthy lunch ideas to eat at our desk.