Make Your Home Feel Like a Palace Without Spending a Fortune

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels

The real secret to a home that feels luxurious is to have fewer things, but to make sure each thing you have is high quality.  Following this golden rule of spending actually accomplishes three key goals at the same time.  The first is that having fewer items will decrease clutter and help you enjoy the full amount of space you have. 

The second is that, even without the maids and butlers of a real palace, your house will be much easier to keep clean.  Having fewer items laying around means having fewer things to dust and move in order to clean.  Plus, higher quality items are typically easier to clean in and of themselves. 

The third benefit is that each thing you own will bring you pleasure, which is really the key to having a plush lifestyle.

Try these steps to make your home feel more like the manor of your dreams.

Empty, Bright Space

Perhaps you can’t afford more square footage, but you can afford to make your space feel bigger.  The key is to not use all of your space and bring in plenty of light.  Purge all the things you can live without.  Maximize the light you get through the windows you have by removing as much as you can from what blocks them, like heavy drapes or furniture. Add lamps with bright white light bulbs to any dim areas.  Another trick to opening up your floor space is to move things to higher elevations, like to shelves or pedestals, which helps draw your eyes up and makes your floor space seem wider. 

Spa and Beauty

The whole feel of your day begins with how you bathe and prepare for the day.  One of the most luxurious indulgences is simply to take a bit of extra time on your self-care and grooming.  Spend a little extra on fluffy towels and good smelling beauty products.  Get a full-length mirror and hang it up with some flattering lighting.  Rather than overflowing your drawers with a huge assortment of cosmetics and perfumes, choose a small selection of high-quality items in classic shades and scents.  One trick to help you feel like your most beautiful self without spending a fortune is to take advantage of the great online deals for make up and perfumes on sale.  Even the highest quality beauty products can be affordable.

Zen It Up

A home that feels thoughtful and cared for feels good to live in.  Adding some elements of Zen to your interior design can be a way to add sumptuousness.  Plants add freshness.  Wealthy homeowners spend big money arranging the layout of their spaces to improve flow and create a healthy vibe.  You can do it at little to no expense by simply reading up on how to employ feng shui and symbolism in how you decorate.

Create A Happy Place

Your home will feel more like your castle when it’s truly a place you enjoy spending time in.  As you clear away the clutter, identify what activities really bring the people in your household joy.  For example, if your crew loves game nights, barbeque, or shooting hoops, honor that fun by setting aside a special place that is always ready to go just for that activity.  You may not have the cash or square footage to install an NBA basketball court, but you can hang up your own net.

Simplify Cleaning

To be honest, when most people imagine their dream homes, they envision someone else doing the cleaning.  However, even if you can’t afford regular help with the scrubbing, vacuuming, and other chores that eat into your down time, you can afford some small luxuries that take your time and sweat out of the equation.  Single use cleaners like wet and dry sweeping cloths don’t break the budget, but do help you avoid lugging buckets of water and mops.  There are some cleaning appliances that are a bit more of a splurge, like a robotic vacuum or self-cleaning litter box for your kitty, but which will still make you feel like a spend-conscious Cinderella. 

Sleep Like Royalty

Think of your bed as a serious investment in your physical and mental health.  Really?  Yes, really.  Getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely essential for maintaining your immune system and keeping your brain operating at peak capacity.  Anyone who has spent a night on a sunken, lumpy, or hard mattress can attest that it hurts.  Sometimes just one bad night can throw off your back or bodily alignment for weeks.   You spend a third of your life sleeping, so consider your bed the foundation of your ability to be the king or queen of your castle.