The Most Amazing Countries in Africa

Africa is frequently mistaken for a large country covered with jungles and rainforests filled with wild animals. But it is a large continent that consists of 54 countries. Are you currently planning your next holiday destination? Here are some of the best African countries that you should add to your travel bucket list:


This is where you can encounter some of the most playful gorillas. Approximately 1,068 gorillas are living in the Bwindi National Park. You need to go hiking and trekking, though. And don’t miss out on the African lions, too! So visit Queen Elizabeth Park to see the famous king of the jungle roaming around.

Of course, the tour won’t be complete without the bestselling Robusta coffee! It grows in the wild and has a unique and superior taste. You can buy from local farmers so that you can enjoy it on the roof deck back at the hotel.

Kenya and Tanzania

These are not too far away from each other, so tourists often combine them in one trip. The best time to go there is from July to September to catch herds’ migration, including elephants, zebras, buffaloes, and rhinos. When the wild animals finally make it through the precarious Mara river, they spend some quality time with their visitors.

Afterward, you can head on to Lake Victoria, which is accessible from Kenya and Tanzania. There, you can have an overview of the Western Highlands brimming with lush tea gardens! The Ngorongoro volcano is just nearby. It’s 610 meters deep, and its crate floor serves as a home to almost 30,000 wild animals.


Do you look forward to climbing the oldest and tallest dunes in the world? Visit Namibia then! The dunes there have been around for 5 million years. Going parachuting is recommended to have an overview of the entire desert! Have you heard of the Sociable Weaver nest? That’s where you will find it! It consists of different apartments and weighs around 1,000 kg. Namibia was colonized by Germans many years ago, so it’s common to see German influences in the culture and people.

Zambia and Zimbabwe

This is where you can see the largest waterfall in the world: Victoria Falls. Should you prefer to go water rafting, the hippos might join you! The waterfall is home to some of the biggest animals in Africa. In South Luangwa and the Lower Zambezi, you can go canoeing and fishing. Perhaps, you have to wait until the Luangwa river drops, so you can see the carmine bee-eaters swooning the river bank to feed on rose petals. It’s hard not to take a photograph!

South Africa

Home to some of the best beaches, such as the Camp Bay and Boulders Beach, South Africa should definitely be on your bucket list! You will see the African endangered penguins in Cape Town. It’s also a great spot for snorkeling and diving. If you want to see the best big five of Safari, head on to Addo Elephant National Park, Phinda Game Reserve, and Kruger National Park. There you can have a close encounter with leopard, lion, elephant, rhinoceros, and Cape buffalo. Don’t forget to dry by Cape Windline- the gourmet capital of the country to sample some of the best wines in town.


Are you keen on ancient history and artifacts? Visit Egypt then! You can come across the oldest artifacts and mummies recovered from Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. How does cruising up in the Nile river sound after exploring the cultural landmarks? You sure will have a great time exploring different islands and landscapes during your trip there. The best time to go is in October and April when the weather is not too hot or cold.


This country may not be home to pristine beaches, but it is brimming with varied geography. If you are looking for adventures, Morocco is the best choice for you! You can go trekking and hiking in the two major mountains- Rif and Atlas mountains. Down the cliff, you will see vibrant colors and small top villages. This place also has some of the best architectural designs. You can see it in unique patterns on doorways and passages along the streets. Known as a trading venue, the roads can be busy and chaotic, but you can still find a quiet spot to relax.

Indeed, Africa deserves a spot on your bucket list! From wildlife safari, historical sites, and summits, there are many reasons to visit its countries.

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