Can you eat Fondant ? What It Is and What Is Not

If you are into baking and frequent into baking sites or forums, you will probably bump into a discussion if a fondant can be eaten. There seems to be an aversion about eating fondant.So, can you eat fondant? We will find this out together in this article. Table of contents What is a fondant?Using a … Read more

4 Easy Ways on How to Thicken Spaghetti Sauce

I may have already traveled far and wide. I may have already tried and tasted plenty of pasta dishes. But if there’s one thing I am sure of, it is the fact that spaghetti will always be my first love (and I am also sure that many of you also feel the same way!). But if … Read more

The Ultimate Guide on How to Tell if Chicken is Bad

If you love chicken, there is a high tendency that you would overstock pieces of chicken in your refrigerator or freezer. I understand that as I tend to do that too. And often, you would forget it’s there until the time that you decide to clean your refrigerator.  I know this because it happened to … Read more

All You Should Know About Tripe

what does tripe taste like

I think it is safe to say that tripe isn’t a very patronized type of meat. Firstly, because we tend to have little knowledge of what it is used for, and secondly, the thought of eating Intestines! Yuck, then lastly, it just looks and feels like twined rubbery punishment. If you have that impression, you … Read more

Finally! Here Is What Makes Tofu So Special

what does tofu taste like

Frankly, if it isn’t tofu, it just isn’t tofu. Foods like tofu which have a lot of controversy as regards usage and health benefits are often avoided by people who know little about it and haven’t quite gotten a reason to find out more. This is borne out of fear of not getting it right … Read more