Mark Your Property: Important Things to Know

Ways to Mark Property Lines
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Many people who own a property like to leave it alone, assuming that people will know they are on private property automatically. What many property owners do is put up some signs. But that is not the approach you want to take if you want to protect your property.

You must mark your property lines. Here’s what you can do so that everyone knows where your property begins and ends:

Make Sure Your Boundaries Are In The Right Place

Before you start claiming land, it is a good idea to call a surveyor so that you know exactly where your property begins and ends. Most of the time, landowners assume where property boundaries and they make mistakes. They either measure too much or too little. With a professional surveyor, you can be sure that your property lines are where they are. When the survey is done, you can file the new survey with the local government so that everything is fine and legal.

Build Some Fencing

The most effective and simple way to guarantee everyone knows about your property’s borders is to install a fence. But it sounds easier than it is. For one, proper fencing can get pretty expensive when your property is large. It also runs into the problem of how well your fencing can handle exposure to the elements. If your boundary is small enough, then aluminum fence panels are a good choice for your fencing since they require minimal upkeep and are resistant to corrosion and immune to rot. Plus, they are also pretty durable against trespassers.

Putting Down Stakes

Some people don’t want fencing to ruin the view of their property though. They want it to look pristine and untouched. If you think like this, you will have to resort to metal stakes to mark your property. This sort of property marking is cheaper but it can be time-consuming. You can choose the above-ground option, which involves metal posts being driven into the ground. This leaves around one to two feet visible.

These used to be wooden posts but the metal was more durable and harder to dislodge. Underground options are a good choice since they require metal pegs to be buried four to five feet below the ground. To confirm your boundary, you’ll need to use a metal detector. But this option can ensure that no one disturbs the stake.

Non-standard Options

Besides the basic choices for the boundary market, you might try others. All you need is a clear way to mark the property. The most popular choice is plants and trees. Bigger properties usually have specific trees planted on the corners. For smaller ones, a hedge or a shrubbery can be a good choice.

As a property owner, it is your job to ensure that people know where your property starts. It may not seem important but ensuring that people know where your property is can make the difference between keeping it yours or having someone steal it from you. The tips above should help ensure that you have an obvious property line that everyone will recognize.

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