Is Goat Cheese As Good As They Say? Read And Decide

When you hear the word Chevre don’t look around to check if it’s a person’s name, it is the French word for goat cheese and a lot of people will rather just call it Chevre.

Goat cheese needs no introduction whatsoever, the constant reminder of the creamy taste melting into your mouth is enough to keep it in your thoughts day after day, but not everyone can tell a sweet tale as this.

I have come across people once or twice who practically swear to hate goat cheese because of the bad taste it has, and I couldn’t help but go “huh?”

Goat cheese has found its way into many kitchens and has become personal favourites for lots of chefs and food lovers around the world.

It is unique, it is flavourful, and it is tasty, so let us find out what there is to know about cheese and how to get the best from using it. If you have had one or two bad goat cheese moments, then you will probably have a change of heart after reading through.

Goat Cheese Vs Feta

There is a lot of misconception about feta and goat cheeses as some people believe that they are the same but they are not.

Goat cheese and feta are different right from their source all the way down to the number of nutrients and health benefits they offer.

The misunderstanding usually comes from the fact that they are both made from goat milk, although this is true to some extent, feta is never totally made from goat’s milk, it is combined with the milk from sheep, and cheese which comes from goat milk alone is goat cheese.

Goat cheese is 100% goat milk with no addition from any other source. Goat cheese also contains 136 calories all together while feta contains 100 less than that.

If you still find it confusing, then check the texture, goat cheese has a more crumbled and chalky feel, unlike feta which is usually more turgid.

How To Preserve Goat Cheese

Goats cheese tart

The first thing you want to do when buying your goat cheese is to check it properly; it should be solid when you touch and not give in easily to pressure, this will certify that you are getting value for your money in quality cheese worth.

The best way to store your goat cheese is to refrigerate it after it has been wrapped with plastic or wax paper but for light storage and quick use, wax paper is preferred as plastic can quickly introduce moulds.

If you intend storing it up for months, then wrap tightly in small portions and keep refrigerated.

Even if you do store your goat cheese in the freezer, it is still best to go for little purchases at a time, get what you need for the time being and then you can get more if need be.

Avoid speeding up the thawing process when defrosting, letting it defrost slowly is better. Once you notice any yellowish off colour, bad taste or watery feel, get rid of it, it has probably overstayed its welcome.

Any Nutritional benefits?

Compared to many other cheese types, goat cheese has a lot more health benefits. Goat cheese is low in cholesterol; contains 21g per 100g of saturated fat which is less than half of what other regular cheese offer.

Let’s also look at the sodium level; goat cheese contains 515mg per 100g of sodium which is a considerable quantity since we are not trying to exceed our sodium intake in any way.

Excess sodium in the body is a direct cause of many diseases, and consumption of high sodium cheese can be a major contributor.

If you are on the sodium intake watch, stick to goat cheese. Goat cheese also contains protein, vitamins, and minerals which work together to make it balanced enough for the body.

Lactose which is a property of milk is in lower quantity in goat cheese making it better for people who are lactose intolerant.

What Does Goat Cheese Taste Like

The taste of goat cheese depends on the type you go for; they have soft, semi-soft and firm while some producers further break it down into soft-fresh, soft-ripe, semisoft, firm and hard, confusing right? Yes, I know. I had the puzzled look too.

This classification depends on its age, texture, and flavour. One way you can differentiate is that the fresher ones have a light, fresh, stronger tangy flavour than the firm and ripened ones which usually have a darker colour.

Regarding taste, the firm ones are more like parmesan cheese. In relation to what you get in most grocery stores which are soft fresh goat cheese, you should expect a tangy, strong, creamy taste which gets more pronounced as it ages.

Lovely Goat Cheese Cheesecake

Are you in that mood for some bright pretzel and cheese splash or you have a party coming up and you are considering sneaking in some perfect cheesecake bites? Then get your hands on this goat cheese cheesecake recipe by Hungry Girl porvida.

It looks so colourful and it is a practical way to get on with goat cheese and get used to its taste.

You are going to need a food processor for the pretzels, and if you have that, you are about done; all that is left is to put the ingredients together and get baking.

Cheesecakes are usually very creamy, but it’s not so bad to indulge every once in a while.


If you have ever had reactions to cheese made from cow or you find the cow milk taste isn’t going so well with you, make the switch to goat cheese.

You are not only getting a creamier taste, but you are also getting more nutrients at least in some areas.

If you have other classic goat cheese recipes you want to share, please do so. Oh, and I will like to know if you have had any bad goat cheese day too, I am anxiously waiting to hear them.

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