How To Make Your Tasty Scampi Sides

I know the heading of this article will get our Briton readers excited-scampi, that tasty thing that is so unique! Well, I totally share in your joy but let’s carry others along shall we.

It will surprise you to know that one of the most searched questions on Google is “what is scampi?” Scampi is a kind of food made from langoustine; this is a kind of lobster that grows up to 10m long found wildly in the Atlantic ocean and also in the North Eastern sea.

The light pink prawn itself is called scampi so also is the dish made with this prawn, but an array of dishes made with shrimp are also referred to as scampi when the real thing is far-fetched, so if you hear the word scampi, it could be any of these.

With all the graciousness and taste appeal that comes with this dish, it is quite dismaying to know that scampi is substituted with some kinds of white fish such as the pangasius and sold to unsuspecting customers who can’t quite distinguish the taste.

Shame. So when next you intend getting a scampi, beware. For now, let’s talk about how you can make some scampi and what you can serve with your “real “scampi!

Scampi Recipes

Simple Shrimp Scampi

Using this recipe by Crafty Cooking Mama gives you a simple and delicious shrimp scampi, if you do get it right, this is a recipe for a very delicious shrimp scampi, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t get it right as the process for making the food is equally as simple as the ingredients used.

I agree with the cooking of shrimps with their shells, and when I say totally, what I mean is that at every time, whenever you can lay your hands on some shrimps, please cook together with the shells.

Why? Shrimp shells have a certain vitamin known as glucosamine; this vitamin helps with keeping the joints and tissues in perfect condition! What’s more is that the most abundant way of getting it is through sea creatures such as prawns and shrimps, so you see, it’s important.

Though it could be tough to chew depending on the dish, put in some effort.

Shrimp Scampi Poppers

These shrimp scampi poppers by Little Broken are perfect for serving the crowd.

Shrimp Scampi Poppers

So, this poppers have some cheese but not so much to make you fret, just the right amount to give the dish some amazing taste and flavors that should be in your regular shrimp scampi.

About the biscuits used for the poppers, I know I am always all about making those battered stuff all by yourself no matter the case, kitchen made always taste and feels better to make but realistically like she said, when serving a very large crowd, you just might not be able to meet up unless you have a helping hand here and there.

So within the context of this particular recipe, yes, I do agree with her, if you are going to be serving above twenty to thirty people with these shrimp scampi poppers, use some ready made batter unrepentantly.

Side Dishes For Your Shrimp Scampi

what to serve with shrimp scampi

Parmesan And Garlic Linguine

The difference between linguine and other kinds of pasta is in the shape of the pasta itself, other than that, there isn’t any much difference between having a linguine and having spaghetti.

So the trick with varying the kinds of pasta you use is to give your dish a different look or appearance every time you choose to make pasta, and this can work wonders on appetite sometimes.

Parmesan And Garlic Linguine

This linguine recipe by Lauren’s Latest is laced with tasty cheese and cream, and that’s all there is to the main ingredients used in the preparation of the linguine! If you don’t want all that heavy cream, you could make do with a substitute such as cauliflower puree, this is commonly used by a lot of vegetarians in place of heavy cream, and it does suffice.

Corn Salad

With the taste of garlic, butter and herbs in your shrimp scampi a corn salad will go with it all too well.

What I like almost as much as the taste of the fresh corn in this recipe by Taste Of Lizzy T is the colour of the corn, avocado, and tomatoes together, what a blend.

Corn Salad

I must give credit to the author of the recipe, she had almost everything grown in her garden and used directly from it, look at the freshness of the corn, and you will understand what I mean but

we all know that isn’t the same for everyone, we all don’t get t have the freshest of the freshest vegetables but we can make use of what we have for some equally as nice dishes, so don’t be put back.

Fresh or not, so long as you can lay your hands on the ingredients used for this corn salsas, I will urge you to go ahead, make some and eat with your shrimp scampi.


If you have never had shrimp scampi before, this is the time to try some, you don’t necessarily have to make use of the “scampi” shrimp itself  if you can’t get some, even some of the recipes we talked about made use of plain shrimps but still made it the way the scampi should be made.

On a plate of shrimp scampi, what you get is loads of protein and also some healthy omega-3 fatty acid and the sauces made along with the scampi are usually simple and basic so you would want to serve something with a little more weight such as carbs as a side dish, and you can even have carbs and veggies all in one.

It’s still a pretty good balance for a dish. Have you ever had any shrimp scampi experiences before now? Let me know if you have. Watch a video of how to make some tasty, fried shrimp scampi here.

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