Best Way to Reheat Biscuits: 3 Effective Methods that You Should Try

One of the most enjoyable and easy to carry food around is the biscuit. Nothing beats a good oven-baked biscuit. You can buy them in shops but you will enjoy this treat more if you bake it yourself. You can choose different flavors from chocolate to buttermilk. One problem that you will encounter with biscuits though is to find out what is the best way to reheat biscuits.

Baking biscuits is relatively easy but it is not ideal to bake them every single day. In addition, buying your biscuits from shops will not assure you that these biscuits are fresh and new. The best solution to have delicious and sumptuous biscuits, whether you baked it or bought it, is to reheat them.

The reheating process of biscuits doesn’t start and stop with simply reheating. The actual reheating process actually begins in how you store these delightful snacks.

Storing your biscuits

The three perfect places to store your biscuits are your empty kitchen cabinets, chiller, of the freezer.

1. Kitchen cabinets

Empty kitchen cabinets are a good place to store your biscuits. However, you can only store biscuits which have already been baked. Those that are not yet baked should be stored in your freezer or your chiller. Unbaked biscuits usually get spoiled within 24 hours and the cold and regulated environment of the freezer and chiller will help prevent spoilage.Before storing your biscuits in the cabinets, you should make sure that they are inside an air-sealed container. Food containers with airtight lids or ziplock bags will be great choices. Air affects the freshness of your biscuits, so if it is exposed to more air then the biscuits will spoil faster. You can expect the biscuits to for about 3 days. If you use airtight containers, you will be able to extend the expiry until 5 days.

Though kitchen cabinets are the most accessible storage space, you should know that not all cabinets are good choices. If you decide to store your biscuit in kitchen cabinets make sure that the storage does not get very hot or humid. Warm temperature tends to hasten the spoiling process.

2. Chiller

The chiller is another great storage for your unused baked biscuits. The coolness and the regulated temperature make a perfect biscuit storage space. Storing unbaked biscuits in the chiller or fridge helps extend its lifespan for another day or two. However, you must remember to bake your biscuit dough or it will go to waste.

Similar to how your store your biscuit is kitchen cabinets, it is ideal that you put them inside in individual ziplock bags or in airtight containers. Though there is no difference in the days the biscuit remains fresh if you just put it in an airtight food container or on a plate, the possibility of your biscuits absorbing the scents of other things inside the fridge is highly likely.Surely you do not want to eat a chocolate biscuit smelling like the chicken teriyaki you just ate last night. Airtight containers or ziplock bags will help you prevent this problem.

3. Freezer

Perhaps the most ideal storage for biscuits is the freezer. The extreme cold in the freezer will literally freeze the biscuit and extend its shelf-life for a longer period of time.

One challenge you will encounter if you store your tasty biscuits in the freezer is removing them from the freezer before reheating as there is a highly probability of breaking the biscuits if they are store in the freezer.

You might hear or read a few advices that you should wrap your biscuits with dish towels or wax paper before storing them inside the freezer. I personally do not agree with these advises.

Dish towels and wax paper will stick to a frozen biscuit and might break the biscuit as you removed them. Though I think they are useful in the actual reheating process but not really when you are still storing or freezing your biscuits.Using aluminum foils, better yet, use a plastic wrap to wrap biscuits individually and store them in the freezer. If you use these, it is easy to individually remove the biscuits out from the freezer and they also help in preventing the biscuits from breaking apart.

Reheating You Biscuits

There are a few methods in reheating a biscuit. The difference among the methods will only be the equipment used and the temperature where the biscuit is reheated. This is also true whether the biscuit is stored in a kitchen cabinet, chiller, or a freezer.

1. Heating the biscuits in a pan

In this method you will need to use a pan. A non-stick anodized pan is recommended but any pan will do.

  1. Wrap your biscuits in an aluminum foil and put them inside a pan that has been heated. Keep the heat low as you heat the biscuits so as you do not dehydrate and overcook them. 
  2. Heat the biscuits on the pan for about a minute on each side.
  3. Then, flip it on one side and heat it for around 30 seconds on each side.
  4. You can now serve your tasty and warm biscuits.

Tips: If your biscuit were stored in the fridge or freezer, it is best to apply some butter or oil on your biscuits before you wrap them with a foil. The butter and oil will help in warming up and heating of these very cold biscuits.

2. Reheating biscuits using the microwave

The microwave might be the fastest and easiest way to heat biscuits.

  • Make sure you have a microwavable container available for the reheating.
  • For cabinet-stored and freezer-stored biscuits, you will need to wrap them in a moist towel. The moist towel will help retain moisture as the biscuits are being heated in the microwave.
  • Biscuits taken out from the chiller will need a little butter or olive oil before putting them inside a microwave container.
  • Without covering the container, you can begin reheating your biscuits using the medium settings.
  • Cabinet biscuits will be heated in two minutes. Fridge biscuits and freezer biscuits will be heated in 3 and 4 minutes respectively.

After this process, the biscuits are now ready for consumption.

3. Reheating the biscuits using the oven

The last method of reheating biscuits is by using the oven.

  1. You will need to prepare a baking sheet where you will apply either oil or butter in a baking tray.
  2. Then, put your biscuits on the sheets as if you are trying to bake new biscuits.
  3. Preheat the oven to 350 Fahrenheit.
  4. Heat your biscuits for about 3 minutes, 8 minutes, and 15 minutes for cabinet-stored, chiller-stored, and frozen biscuits respectively.
  5. Take the biscuits out of the oven and enjoy the newly heated biscuits.

Tips: For biscuits out of the freezer you will need an extra baking sheet applied with either oil or butter and place it on top of the biscuits. You will need to do this because frozen biscuits are difficult to heat on both sides thus the oiled baking sheet will help heat the top side.

Final Verdict

Biscuits are certainly tastier if they are warm. By using any of the method above, you can enjoy more your favorite biscuits by effective storage and reheating.

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