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At times like this, I totally agree that some things in life are unforgettable, talk about the feeling of that chilled glass of sangria going from your throat into your stomach on a hot sunny day…mmm that is it.

Ok, I guess you already know where I am going with this. Aside from the fact that most people cannot tell the difference between sangria and other lookalike drinks like chapman until it gets tasted, I think it is completely necessary for us to go a little deeper and know just what this sangria is all about.

We will also find out if we have been getting it wrong all this time, and I can guess that most people have. Let’s explore the sangria world.

What Exactly Is Sangria?

What Exactly Is Sangria
If you find yourself raising an eyebrow anytime you hear the word sangria then you should pay more attention to this. Sangria is a delectable combination of wine usually red or white with other ingredients to give it its own unique brand and taste.

The ingredients added could vary but they usually comprise mainly of fruits. Sangria takes its origin from Spain before it widely spread around the world re-modernized into various forms and types.

It was first introduced into the US during the world’s fair which held in New York in the late 90’s. Sangria has its basis from the popular punch drink. In Spanish, the meaning of sangria relates to wine and fruits with sugar which goes further to explain its flavor. Presently, it is the world’s most popular wine cocktail.

Four Delicious Types Of Sangria

1. Traditional Red Sangria

Traditional Red Sangria
Traditional Red Sangria – Photo from

It is impossible for us to name any other kind of sangria without first having a taste of the traditional mix, if your purpose for making the drink is to let people know just how in touch you are with traditional home made tastes, then go for this.

I got a fantastic recipe from Spanish sabores which is quite simple but made use of the basic ingredients to give it the Spanish sangria feel, have a look.

2. White Sangria

You should note here that the basic difference between white sangria and the red is the kind of wine used.

White Sangria
White Sangria – Photo from

So for my white sangria, I made use of lots of fruits which complimented the wine well and still had a beautiful whitish color base, try out this recipe by Jolynne shane and see how it goes.

3. Apple Cider Sangria

apple cider sangria
Apple cider sangria – Photo from

This is one amazing sangria type that everyone should try out especially if you have an eye for apples. Aside from the taste that comes with it, the look is captivating, use this recipe by How sweet it is and get the perfect apple cider sangria you want.

4. Peach Sangria Slushy

Peach Sangria Slushy
Peach Sangria Slushy – Photo from

This can be referred to as the peach drink of all peach drinks. The sangria slushy recipe by Always order dessert is a beautiful way to combine your peach and lime and reserve all its fullness.

Another thing that got me about it is the taste when frozen, give it a try and see if you feel the same.

Tips On Serving Your Sangria

Tips On Serving Your Sangria

1. Let it soak

This is one point that separates some sangrias from others. Although most of the recipes given nowadays do not include this aspect of sangria preparation. We should note that it is as important as the serving itself.

When preparing your sangria, leave out some soaking time ranging from minutes to hours depending one the kind of fruits and wine you are making use of. This allows a good blend and mix in the end.

2. Use relatively cheap wine

You absolutely read that right, the beauty of sangria is not in the amount the bottle of wine cost you but rather in how well you are able to combine the wine with other elements and serve well.

In fact, highly expensive wine might not do justice to the taste and general outlook of the drink, this might lead to a combat between the fruits and the wine so I suggest you stick to the basic, simple tasting wines and let your fruits and flavors do the rest.

3. Chop/crush up the fruits

Chopping the fruits used to prepare your sangria does a good job of enhancing the flavor of the fruits while taking the drink. It also makes it a lot easier to drink when you serve so make sure you do some fine chopping and set aside during preparation.

If you intend making sangria that has to sit in the fridge overnight then you should squeeze out and replace the fruits just before serving, this is to give it an all-around fresh look although this is not always necessary.

4. Keep it chilled

One important tip about sangria is keeping it chilled, this does not relate to just the wine but everything, note that if you intend refrigerating overnight, you should not include any of your extra added ingredients such as your soda that involved bubbles or gas

These should not be added because making your sangria sit after adding your soda or any other additives of choice that involves gas will leave it flat and the essence of adding it will be lost, so you can get that chilled on its own and add as the very last thing.

Let’s Have Some Sangria!

Sangria and ingredients in glasses
Sangria is a cocktail mix that has been rebranded and rebranded and this was done by people like you and me.

One thing you should always have in mind is that if there is any kind of drink to show your creativity with, this is it so you are challenged to get mixing.

Let the sangria ball begin within your minds as you make your own unique sangria type and be sure to let me know all about it. If you feel any of the recipes discussed above are worth sharing with your friends, do that also and keep them all coming!

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