All the Awesome Recipes and Sides for Your Egg Plant Parmesan!

About Italian cuisines, honestly speaking, there are so many of them, and they all taste amazing with their very elegant and attractive names, for example, try pronouncing “Parmigiana di melanzane” out loud! Sounds quintessential? I thought so too.

This translates to “Eggplant parmesan” which is our dish pick for today. There are so many healthy ways you can make eggplant parmesan without any chicken or beef in it, and you still have a plate of tasty vegetable-cheese blend.

Eggplant Parmesan Recipes

1. Baked Eggplant Parmesan

This is one very “cheesy” recipe by The Crumbly Kitchen, but hey, it’s eggplant parmesan so you can as well have as much cheese as you want.

Baked Eggplant Parmesan

Typically, eggplant parmesan takes a whole lot of time from getting the eggplants prepared to cooking, so the time used in the recipe comes as no surprise at all.

Some recipes make use of the eggplants with the back still intact but this one calls for peeling off the back, so if it works for you, then it’s all yours.

If you haven’t heard of Italian seasoning before, it comprises of some basic Italian spices such as thyme and basic which is used for their typical dishes and you can make some using this recipe by Intentional Hospitality.

For fresh herbs, you would need an Excalibur to dry them.

2. Air Fried Eggplant Parmesan

If you are already familiar with making the baked eggplant parmesan and you need a change of taste, this air fried eggplant parmesan by Frosted Fingers is the way out.

Air Fried Eggplant Parmesan

Haven’t tried the dish before with either the baked or fried version? The air fried type might just be it for you, who knows?

Notice I said “air-fried” and not fried, according to the owner of the recipe, the air fried eggplant parmesan gives you a better result, so if you want to make the best use of this recipe, get an air fryer.

With air fired eggplant parmesan, you get a firmer and crunchier result than the baked ones.

Although it goes well with the spaghetti served with it in the recipe, there are a lot more recipes that can go with it and we are going to see them shortly.

3. Vegan Eggplant Parmesan

This eggplant parmesan recipe by Foodie Fiasco is so less stressful and by less stressful I mean every word of it.

Vegan Eggplant Parmesan

Unlike the previous recipe, this one keeps the back of the eggplant which is fine; you get a fabulous result either way.

Now, if you detest the whole breading process of the eggplants before you bake, this recipe offers you a satisfactory alternative.

As for the cheese, you can still make it as cheesy as you want although they made use of reduced fats cheese which is for the benefits of vegans who want to use the recipe as well.

You can go all mozzarella on this one if you so desire.

Three Side Dishes For Your Eggplant Parmesan

what to serve with eggplant parmesan

1. Saffron And Shrimp Linguine

If you don’t want to make spaghetti with your eggplant parmesan, you can make some linguine instead using this recipe by Sprinkles And Sprouts.

Saffron And Shrimp Linguine

Linguine falls under the classification of pasta just as spaghetti but it is wider a bit just as it looks on the recipe page.

Following the recipe, the linguine will be prepared with shrimps and saffron which is very rich and flavourful but have it in mind that this is a heavy side with your eggplant parmesan which already has some considerable amount of calories.

So if you are up for it, give it a try.

If you would rather go plain, you can cook without all the parmesan, prepare your linguine like normal pasta and serve with your eggplant parmesan.

2. Spaghetti Squash

So you want the spaghetti but not the pasta and carbs that come with it, have some spaghetti squash with your eggplant parmesan.

This recipe by Joy In Every Season is so simple, the ingredients used are basic everyday ones like pepper and salt, this keeps the flavours real, and it gives way to the taste of the squash itself.

Spaghetti Squash

Served along with your eggplant parmesan, it’s a hit! The spaghetti squash is baked, and it takes about 30 minutes or less to get it all together and done with.

I think the main issues with handling spaghetti squash is the cutting, it can be so tricky and tough so the method employed in the recipe is a time saver.

3. Cajun Grilled Chicken

You can pair your eggplant parmesan with some grilled chicken and if you like the taste and flavour of Cajun spices like I do, use this recipe by Lemon In A Family Kitchen.

Cajun Grilled Chicken

The chicken is baked and served with some salad which is equally perfect alongside your eggplant parmesan.

The choice of vegetables for the salad is undoubtedly quite refreshing as stated in the recipe and with the contrasting hotness of Cajun spices; it balances out beside your eggplant parmesan.

Think of the salad with a slice or two of chicken and eggplant parmesan; a little of everything, a lot of nutrients and flavours.

I like to use Cajun and creole spices interchangeably, and you can get a perfect creole seasoning recipe from Immaculate Bites, make some at home, you will be glad you did.

All Done!

If you haven’t been eating eggplants before, these awesome recipes have just given you a million and one reasons to start eating those purple beauties.

You can even add eggplants to your regular vegetable routine from time to time.

We all know eggplant parmesan is termed comfort food because of all the ingredients added to the eggplant like cheese while cooking but you can free some ease up knowing that eggplant which forms the basis of the food is a “fruit” and a very rich one at that.

Watch a video on how to make eggplant parmesan from start to finish through this video and then make some of your own.

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