How to Cook Jasmine Rice

How to Cook Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is a type of long-grain rice. It is a central part of South Asian cooking, though it has become popular in dishes around the world. Originating in Thailand, jasmine rice has a light flora aroma and is soft and sticky when cooked – though not as sticky as sushi rice. It is not … Read more

How to Make Terrific Turkey Wings Even if You Can’t Cook

Even if you burn toast or have no idea how to cook pasta just right, you can make mouth-watering turkey wings that your whole family will love. In fact, everyone will ask, “What is your secret?!” The great thing about cooking these recipes is that besides purchasing the turkey wings, most of the rest of … Read more

How to Smoke a Turkey Breast in 11 Easy Steps

My first experience with turkey breast smoking was on Thanksgiving eve some twenty years ago, and as I look back to those early years, I realize that learning how to smoke a turkey breast is one of the best culinary secrets I have acquired over the years. I remember using a cookbook that evening, and … Read more

Nutty for Nuts: How to Make Corn Nuts

Have you ever had a corn nut and wondered if they were actually nuts (hint: they’re not!)? Upon tasting them, did you fall in love with their crunchy texture and delicious flavor? Ever wondered how you could make your own? We have the recipe for you below. If you’re more a visual person, we recommend … Read more